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Tuesday 201117 Squat Salad

When Laura is not at CrossFit Malibu, she attends zoom classes for her Pepperdine GE course HUMANITIES 113: Masters and Masterpieces. This painting of her going over head with 30kg multiple times last Saturday is a true masterpiece of 17th Century, inspired by none other than legendary Italian artist Caravaggio. Stylistically it captures the chiaroscuro he was most known for- however here he uses a white backdrop compared to the more typical black. Evident most notably for the vast contrasts of dark and light, we see in this weightlifting piece, he focused on the bumper plates lying in the foreground to cast a bright glow from the rising of the morning sun. This stark difference in shading with the plates on the raised barbell is perhaps a characterization of evil’s attempt to triumph over good. The face of his lifter depicts emotion with a mix of fear and innocence in an attempt to cast aside the demonic in an effort to move towards the light. Bright blue shoe strings give a glimpse of positivity- as the athlete stands upon a foundation of hope. The only other uses of color are the thin orange band and pink foam roller, suggesting that the artist’s personal use of mobility work could be the true way for goodness to be replenished. The foreshadowing of a global pandemic is clearly illustrated with the spray bottle and cleaning bucket filling the otherwise blank space of the painting.  

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
Overhead Squat
Front Squat
Back Squat
post heaviest load for each movement

Intended Stimulus
Today we get all 3 barbell squat variations! For most, you’ll be able to continue to add weight each set as you work through the 4 sets over OHS and 4 sets of Front Squats. Then, you may need to take a bit of load off for your first set of 3 Back Squats. We will go on the 2 minute mark for each set, but will have some extra transition between squat types. If the skill is there, be ready to get heavy! And if you’re still perfecting the squat, today is an excellent day to practice!

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