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Tuesday 201103 Choose

Choosing your own number of repetitions for most of today’s activities encourages you to try for better quality at a more difficult level of movement. If you can get your feet to the bar with a strict toes to bar, don’t kip wildly to get in all 10… instead work on control and simply get 5. If 2 wall walks are just right, then don’t go for 3 and move with bad form. If the load is easy for 10 reps on the step up… then carry a heavier load where 10 allows for constant motion and yet is challenging. This is called right-leveled struggle. Take a dose that you can handle and not one that knocks you out. Learn from it, get stronger, and take a bit more. Develop a tolerance, become inoculated and then the next time you can take a larger stimulus. This is adaptation. And this takes proper titration of challenge and ease. Struggle with grace.

SLIPS: Scales, L-sits, Inversions, Planks, Stretching… gymnastics fundamentals are calling out

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
20 minutes of constant quality movement:
5-10 Strict Toes to Bar
2-3 Perfect Wall Walks
10 Weighted Box Step-ups
400m Run

Intended Stimulus
Today you get lots of practice. The intention is that you find scalings that allow for continuous movement (not to be confused with easy movements). You’ll choose the rep scheme that allows for this “constantly moving, but challenging” 20 minutes. If strict TTB isn’t possible, think strict toes as high as possible, or strict knees to chest. For the wall walks, many will put feet on a box and do plank to pikes. On the weighted step up, the weight should be challenging, but you should not have to rest and lastly, you will run 400 meters. This is to get you out of The Hut and certainly fits with the theme of constant movement. Use the run to concentrate on smooth stride, quiet landing of the feet AND pay attention to your breathing pattern

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