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Thursday 201029 LOOONG AMRAP

Way back in 2009 Jason Khalipa came to visit CrossFit Malibu to do some training while he was on a trip in LA. He hung out with all of us during our 9am workout session… I can vividly recall our workout was 4 rounds for time of 10 deadlifts and 400m runs. He continued on afterwards to complete another 3 WODs, including some heavy push jerks off the rack, and a twenty-five minute AMRAP. Reading from his phone, he wrote the workout on the chalkboard: 400m run, 50 wall ball shots, 32kg KB swings… he called his coach and said something like, “Did you mean to say 25 minute AMRAP? ” He listened to the response and then said, “oh ok… Yup,” saying to me, “it’s a 25 minute AMRAP.”  So today…

Yup, it’s a 25 minute AMRAP. 

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
25 minute AMRAP:
800m Run
20 Box Jump Up and Overs (20″)
20 Push-ups
Record time and scaling
Intended Stimulus
Ready for a long one?! Here we have a rare, but often crowd pleasing workout, that goes over 20 minutes. The intended stimulus is to pick a pace and scaling that allows you to keep moving for the entire 25 minutes. Pretty simple. Keep track of your split times on the 800s for some extra motivation to push the running. Today is not about JOGGING 800m… you should push the pace with at least a 5k race pace as a goal- something in the 3-4 minute realm for the run OR scale it back a bit. Those with orthopedic issues can choose between 1k row, 900m ski or a 1.3 mile assault. Pick a box that allows a jump up, turn, and step or bounce down, to happen without hesitation. And break up the push-ups early to prevent getting to a 1-2 rep at a time scenario. BE CAREFUL with the traffic ON THE RUNS!

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