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Tuesday 201027 Windy Couplet

WOW… that wind was something. And by something I mean: it sucked! What I really mean is that at times yesterday it got in the way of some really great gymnastics drills and skills. But thanks to YOU and the COACHES for persevering and making the best out of an extremely dry and dusty situation! While the Hut is now all nice and cleaned up (THANKS MATTHEW!) after what looked and felt like a dirt typhoon… expect a bit more of the same for tomorrow. Many classes are full or close to it- and while we cannot open the sliding door, we will do the best we can to get around to help you decide on loading, get some eyes-on for your barbell warm up, and help you set up for this one as best we can. Take a deep breath and relax (I’m talking to myself here)… we will get through wind and fire season at some point. In the meantime, hope the power comes back on at my house- AND yours!

*reminder: Yoga is on for Wednesday at 6pm, zoom style!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
CrossFit Open 20.1
10 rounds for time:
8 Ground to Overhead (45/30kg)
10 Bar Facing Burpees
Time Cap: 15 minutes

Intended Stimulus
If you did this one in the last open you probably remember it! Today we use it as a training day. The goal is to find a load on the barbell that allows you to get 8 ground to overheads done in 1-2 sets the entire time (rather than the “quick singles” strategy many athletes took in the last open. That may mean lightening up the load a bit. We will do a good bit of skill work focused on cycling the barbell through these ground to overheads, which for most will be clean and jerks. The time cap is obviously there to make sure the time domain is met, but that doesn’t mean today is the day to Rx, get through 5 rounds, and get time capped. In fact, coaches may even suggest modifying burpee volume to 8 or 6 to keep athletes moving! 10 rounds for time is tough to wrap the head around, so don’t get sucked into a first round sprint, find a pace that you can sustain, and get after it!

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