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Friday 201023 3 Round Tripl3t

The CrossFit Games begins today! Five men and five women have made it through the worldwide open, some sanctional events, and then semifinals to reach the final event this weekend. Three day of competition consisting of at least 10 events- some are now known and some are still yet to be released

Here are details about where and when to watch over the weekend (Friday, Sat and Sun!)

Athletes competing this weekend can make legitimate claim to be the fittest on the planet… according to the way that CrossFit defines fitness: work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Watch Greg Glassman talk about it here and here.

Matthew and Lacey get in early morning swings long before the sun came up Thursday!

Friday’s WOD 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
3 rounds for time:
500m Row
25 Thrusters (20/15kg)
15 Pull-ups
Post time, load and any other scaling

Intended Stimulus
“Wait, so all we’re using is an empty barbell?” Yep! Today, we have a 3 rounds triplet that looks eerily similar to the benchmark WOD Jackie. Actually, it’s Jackie+50%, but because it is split into 3 rounds, the stimulus will feel a bit different. Go out hard on each of the 3 rows, but don’t redline early. Think, 15 seconds or so slower than your 500m row PR pace. Then, go through the thrusters unbroken (remember, it’s only an empty barbell :)) On the pull-ups, if you can do sets of 5 over and over then go for it, but if you are an emerging pull-up athletes, consider using a light band today that allows the 15 reps to be done in 2 sets. Three rounds of this at a blistering pace will be mentally challenging, but that too is something we want to hone and refine alongside our endurance, strength, power, agility, balance, speed, accuracy, flexibility, stamina, and coordination!

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