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Thursday 201022 Triplet “Compare To”

Managing your movement is important. It is so important, that as coaches, we spend most of our instruction time providing CrossFit Malibu athletes with corrective cues to improve upon mechanics… in the betterment of the way you move. Yes, we do use our time together to figure out scaling options so that workouts can “fit” ability levels and to ensure that everyone is hitting the intended volume of work based on individuals’ capacity. In many cases we are also pushing you to work with intensity- to get you to maximize THE key to results: moving with power.

But MOST of our efforts and attention is directed at moving effectively and efficiently… which increases the level of safety of our training program. We do this forever. Not just in your orientation session when we are covering the very fundamentals of a squat or in the Elements Series as we introduce newcomers to the 9 foundational movements and convey the CrossFit training regimen through first-hand experience. But we continue to help you refine your movement patters so that your results will manifest as you expect them to- within a reasonable time frame and via sensible progressions that minimize undo exposure to injury and overuse.

What we do NOT do is leave you on your own to decide when to add more weight, when to over Rx a workout, or to develop unsafe movement habits- leaving you unchecked or without assistance. It is why you don’t see people walking in and out of the Hut simply doing their own thing, listening to their airpods, and moving to the tune of their own coaching. We DO very much allow you to march to the beat of your own drum… it is clear that we give you plenty of room you to be yourselves- you bunch of goofballs. But in the end, we like to be in charge… telling you what to do and how to improve…. and you are the better for it : )

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Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
For Time Complete:
42 KB Swing (24/18kg USA)
21 Burpee w/ Lateral Jump Over Abmat
21 Strict Abmat Sit-up
30 KB Swing
15 Burpee w/ Lateral Jump Over Abmat
15 Strict Abmat Sit-up
18 KB Swing
9 Burpee w/ Lateral Jump Over Abmat
9 Strict Abmat Sit-up
(compare to 200803)
Record time and scaling… better than back on Apugust 3?!

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a retest of a workout from August 3rd! It’s a fast and furious triplet of KB Swings, Burpee w/ lateral jump over abmat, and strict sit-up. From the get go, push the pace hard. Break up the swings into as few sets as possible and fly through the burpees! This is one to redline on 🙂

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