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Monday 201004 Cleans and Push ups

Question of the day: How are olympic lifting and push ups related? Ha- they aren’t! That is, unless you are a CrossFitter interested in more fitness domains than just the power that Oly lfting requires or the muscular endurance that a calisthenics athlete demand. Who wins an snatch/clean and jerk completion? -an olympic weightlifter. Who wins a push up competition? -probably someone training specifically to win a push up contest. Who wins a contest combining both- a CrossFitter… FOR SURE!

This broad, general and inclusive fitness that we aspire to… and are on a constant path towards attaining- is one that prizes health and fitness as our main goal. The road is paved with intensity and judged most critically by increases in performance. Would a race car drive trade top end speed for higher theoretical horse power? NO WAY. In the same way, a sprinter wouldn’t trade a world record time in the 100m run for a higher VO2 max. It is what the mechanism can actually DO that matters. Not what MIGHT be done given the caliber of the machine that counts. Hit the throttle and risk crashing every now and then… but rest assured if you continue to improve the way you move and then push the envelope, your hard work IS leading you to a healthy, more fit way of life. Pedal to the metal.

Christine T  works through the steps of the turkish get up this past Saturday

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4pm
E2M for 20 minutes:
3 Power Clean (~80% 1RM)
7-10 Strict Push-ups
Record number of sets at heaviest load and total number of push ups

Intended Stimulus
We kick off the week with some olympic lifting! Today you’ll build up to roughly 80% of your 1RM power clean and then the goal is to stick with that load throughout the E2M. Tinkering up or down in load is ok if technique feels like it’s getting sloppy or feeling extra good. Dropping between reps is ok, but make sure your station is clean and there is no change of that barbell ricocheting. After each set of 3 power cleans you’ll get right to the ground for 7-10 of the most perfect push-ups you can do. The idea here is that we scale the volume, if necessary, in order to keep the push-ups with a tougher scaling than you may normally choose, still staying rigid through the midline throughout all the reps!

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