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Friday 201002 Four Tests

Days like to today, well, you’ll be glad it’s the weekend. But then again you can always opt to pace your way through a set of work like this without really pushing the pace on anything- the breaks will feel long and relaxing. However, if you hit the intended stimulus on this and actually treat each of these as a test… those breaks are going to fly by! Most of all, the work you put in will simply be a good overall broad test of fitness, but they will impart the kind of stimulus that changes you- mentally and physically!
Luke cranked through the Rx load of DB deadlift burpees!
Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4pm
4 tests for glory (8 minutes at each station):
1. Max rep push-up in 2 minutes
2. 500m row for time
3. 3 attempts at a max duration handstand hold
4. Max distance double KB farmer carry (24/18kg)*
*farmer carry course is around the hut
Intended Stimulus
It’s test day! The fun kind of test day. There are 4 very different tests for you to complete today. Each station will be 6-8 minutes long. So, after you’re 2 min max push-up test you’ll have a nice long rest before jumping on the rower for a 500m PR attempt. Most of you know how that feels 🙂 so again, there will be lost of rest before you get 6-8 minutes for 3 attempts at a max duration handstand hold. You’ll scale to something that allows you to hold for at least 30 seconds. Lastly (after another long rest), you’ll grab 2 heavy KBs and make as many laps as possible around the hut without setting the bells down. You only get one shot at this test so hold on as long as possible and give every once of grip strength you have!

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