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Thursday 201001 Snatch & Row

The Foulquier Family have been active athletes at CrossFit Malibu for about 5 years, essentially since about the time they relocated to Malibu straight from Marseilles, France. Thib, Sandra, older brother Valentin and younger brother Romane landed in the USA, opened some hair salons- one in Malibu- alongside a boutique called ‘Les Mistinguettes.’ Thib continues to run the operations of his business in France from his laptop with (pre Covid) a 10-14 day trip back “home” every 3 months or so.

No English, no problem. Romane (pictured below) jumped right into 4th grade at Webster and quickly became the kid everyone wanted to hang out with… AND- as his parents say- became American in about 6 months. He picked up skate and skim boarding, to round out his athletic skills that he brought from France- namely soccer. He is also a proficient viola musician, playing in the Malibu High/Middle School Orchestra. If you have ever spoken with Romane- you will find a mature young adult wrapped in a 9th grader’s body… a body that is bound to start getting ripped soon, with all of the training he has been doing these days! Thib and Sandra come to see us a few times each week for ‘couples therapy’ (private training sessions;)… and a couple more group sessions each week. Occasionally all 3 of them are with us in one class! Thanks FAMILY for being a part of our fitness family at the Hut!

ZOOM Yoga with Maria at 6pm… send link to friends and family, all are welcome

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
12 minutes of Power Snatch skill work
4 rounds for time:
10 Power Snatch (45/30kg)
15/12 Cal Row

Intended Stimulus
The goal today is to get some dedicated practice and skill work in on the power snatch followed by a blistering metcon of snatches and rowing! We’ll spend 12 minutes SLOWLY adding load to the power snatch. The focus is on skill development, not on loading. Load is EARNED today! We’ll work through various drills to improve things like bar path, turnover, set-up, and finish positions. You’ll then take what you’ve learned and apply it to 40 light-ish snatches in the metcon. You should be able to go unbroken on the snatches, but you might choose to do 5-5 in order to stay moving fast in rounds 3 and 4 😉 The row today is a near all out sprint. Have fun!

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