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Friday 200925 Maaax Reps

Darryl just completed his 8th year at CrossFit Malibu! Congrats and thanks for being a part of our community for approximately 72.2% of it’s existence. Of course, all of you already know that Coconut has attended more WODs than any canine at the Hut but did you know that Darryl likely holds the record for the most WODs any human has done at the Hut?! This is a statistic that is tough to confirm but due to his consistent schedule for most of the last 8 years (often 6 days per week!) he is the current frontrunner.
Darryl doesn’t know that Rx is 24″… he keeps jumping 28!
When Darryl arrived at CrossFit Malibu he was known as the “Other African” as Holden was our original athlete representing South Africa. Darryl has now spent the majority of his life in America BUT he did actually grow up in the exact generation of those who were major fans of Rodriguez (Searching for Sugar Man).  At times both of Darryl’s kids Tiana and Sean trained at the Hut as well… making it a true family affair. Do any of you remember when Darryl did the Whole Life Challenge and crushed it- creating some of the best pre-post pics CFM has ever seen! Darryl might have the best lululemon collection of all- but often forgets the shirts.
A 400m run and hoping that Howdy is going to hand him an Original Gourmet Burrito in passing
In the early period of Darryl’s lifespan at the Hut he ran a yoga retreat center in Ojai- and on two occasions he hosted some really FUN CrossFit Malibu get-aways. Darryl has been a regular at everything we have done, from deadlift BBQ’s to movie nights, Thanksgiving dinner, Brody’s Wedding, Taco Trucks Celebrations, the CrossFit Open Competitions, and of course, the Decathlon. Darryl- we have thoroughly enjoyed having you in our group and to count you among us as a friend. Keep coming back!
A few of the CFM old guard hanging out with a couple of relative newcomers
Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
For max reps:
2 minutes of Alt DB Snatch (50/35#)
2 minutes of Strict Sit-ups
2 minutes of SA DB Push Press (50/35#)
2 minutes of Burpees
-rest 2 minutes-
1 minute of Alt DB Snatch
1 minute of Strict Sit-ups
1 minute of SA DB Push Press
1 minute of Burpees
Post total # of reps and load used
Intended Stimulus
As many reps as possible across all rounds… that is the intention today! That means using a DB that allows you to move through large sets, working nearly the entire 2 minutes (and then the entire 1 minute). You get to end the 2 minute rounds with burpees so PUSH the pace because you’ll be rewarded with 2 full minutes of rest! Keep a rigid neutral spine on every DB snatch and get full extension and a stable overhead position on each and every single arm push press.

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