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Tuesday 200922 Give it All In the Fall

Our first CrossFit Malibu highlight comes from the Jones Family-Trisha, Tom, and son Jaxon- who now live up in Lake Tahoe. They made the move north after their Malibou Lake home was lost in the Woolsey Fire. Their relationship with CrossFit started prior to their experience with CrossFit Malibu- when Tom’s company produced a “Fight Gone Bad” event in Los Angeles. It was there that they heard about CrossFit, it was also there that Jax took his first reps on a C2 rower!

Shortly after, Trisha was the first member of the family to join group classes and train with us. She was a long-time member of the 9 and 10am class sessions. Tom was in the late night crew- attending individual session at all hours of the night due to a heavy work schedule. Back in those days Jaxon would show up with Trisha and hang out at the Hut, chatting with the coaches and other members… asking when HE would get to join in the workouts. Then during one CrossFIT Open, a former CFM coach, Josh- become Jaxon’s personal workout coach… running versions of the Open with him.

As years progressed, Jaxon would come in and train with us to prepare for elementary school track and field competition days then did some swim training to get ready for the school swim team. Eventually on some mountain bike riding outings in Bluffs Park he found an activity that become his thing- something he loves to do now up north (with a lot more padding!) He goes to an outdoor experiential education school near Squaw Valley!

Thanks Trisha, Tom, and Jaxon for being such a part of the CrossFit Malibu Family- there are so many more activities we shared- but having the 3 of you all a part of us at various times is what the Hut is all about! Best in Tahoe- and thanks for sharing memories!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 4 and 5pm
Row/Bike/Ski 50 cals for time
-rest as needed-
Row/Bike/Ski 40 cals for time
-rest as needed-
Row/Bike/Ski 30 cals for time
-rest as needed-
Row/Bike/Ski 20 cals for time
-rest as needed-
Row/Bike/Ski 10 cals for time
Post time for each sprint
Intended Stimulus
How about some sprints that decrease by 10 cals per round for a single modality monostructural day? Sounds good! This is one of those workouts that you’re going to want to be at The Hut for, surrounded by your fellow classmates (in a socially distanced environment, of course). The intention is to finish each round as fast as possible. Sounds simple, and really it is simple on the rounds of 30, 20, and 10 cals, but on the rounds of 50 and 40 cals you’re going to want to pace just enough so that your RPMs/Cals per hour don’t take a massive dive after the first 30-45 seconds! You’ll rest as needed (within reason) and then get on to the next round. Remember, it’s 10 cals shorter than the one you just did so SPRINT!

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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