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Friday 200918 Sprintiness

Another introduction to this year’s CrossFit Games… it is fascinating how The CrossFit Games planning group (headed by Dave Castro) has been able to keep this part of the “CrossFit Mothership” sailing a steady course despite rough waters within the company AND especially considering the global pandemic. The leadership has adapted and remained creative, steadfast and flexible in order to pull off another annual spectacle. Nothing like any of the others before- with 30 male and 30 female individuals taking on all the initial WODs from their home gyms (each with an official CrossFit HQ judge traveling to THEM) and then ending with 5 male and 5 female competitors battling it in the FINALS over a few days, from The Ranch.

Friday (this week’s all out sprint!) at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
7 rounds for time:
7 Burpees over DBs
7 DB Hang Squat Cleans (50/35#)
(Rx+: 10 Burpees and 70/50# DBs)
Intended Stimulus
This one is going to be fun! The intention here is to sprint out of that gate and try to hold on to that blistering pace through all 7 rounds. Going unbroken through the majority of the rounds of DB Hang Squat Cleans is a must. You’ll do the burpees with a lateral jump over both DBs laying flat. If there was ever a day to ‘accidentally’ red-line by throwing pacing to the wind, it’s today!!

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