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I love CrossFit Malibu. By extension, I also love CrossFit. It has been a central focus of just about everything I have done for well over a 12 years. The potency of the method (THAT is works) and the foundational underpinnings (HOW it works) are so concrete and easily explained and rationalized. It is why I love teaching the CrossFit Level 1 Seminars- being a part of translating the message to newer CrossFitters, some of whom might continue on to train others or even open their own CrossFit gyms, is a fulfilling way to spend a weekend.

The message of “Old School CrossFit” was transmitted person-to-person. Though it spread like wild-fire via early internet virality, it might seem counterintuitive so say that most early adopters’ stories of starting CrossFit usually included some friend dragging them into a workout. Something about the manner in which a friend introduced you to it made it feel like a secret frat or sorority initiation. The personalized way each newbie seemed to be exposed to the method gave it personal context.

By about 2012 or so, public awareness of CrossFit was at an all-time high. With the rise of social media, the success of the iPhone, YouTube having 6-7 years under its belt, and the infancy of the podcast- CrossFit was becoming a household name. However, at this point, most people were not brought to it by a friend who had already drank the kool-aid. Most were able to see and read others’ opinions on it, and by extension, able to form their own ideas about it from a distance- rather then via experience.

The video below is an overview of a new CrossFit HQ program. It is an amazing thing to have sparked out of HQ in the past few months. Over the years, CrossFit didn’t do many programs like this. That is, CrossFit HQ didn’t take the driver’s seat in spearheading company-wide initiatives like this. However, these programs have been ALL over the CrossFit world since the opening of first CrossFit gym in the early 2000’s. The video below is pretty special. AND think about the fact that there are 14,000+ affiliates world-wide. There is a lot of power for good work. These kinds of things are soon to be the norm for HQ, which is great. And there are tens of thousands more points of light emanating from local boxes all over the world.

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9 and 10am, again at 4pm
On the 5:00 mark for 5 rounds:
15 Deadlifts (80/55kg)
12 Back Burpees
max rep supine ring row to 2:30
-rest the remaining 2:30-
post total supine ring rows and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today you’ll work for 2:30 and then rest for 2:30. You’ll do that 5 times! It is imperative that you choose a load on the deadlift that allows you to go unbroken, at least on the first 2 rounds or so. Then, move through 12 back burpees without stopping. These don’t need to be a sprint, but don’t stop to rest, you get 2:30 of rest at the end of each round! With the remaining time in your 2:30 chunk of work you will accumulate as many reps as possible of supine ring rows (Rx is feet on a rogue block).

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