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Monday 200914 Heavy Thrusters

Heading into another week of problematic air... and we will continue to monitor and offer options when you don’t want to breathe heavy or when it is best that we offer more strength-based programming with less lung-intensive training. SO today we kick the week off with heavy thrusters. Sure your respiration will be more than it is while Netflix-ing, but far less than during Filthy Fifty. Adapt your own movement to fit what you need and we will help adapt our program to fit the overall needs at the Hut.

We have three of you on the schedule for the NEW 6am class, great!… sign up for the next 6am session coming on Wednesday!

PLEASE cancel well in advance if you cannot make a session. There have been steadily more occasions where some are cancelling at a time that doesn’t allow waitlisters to make it into the session. If you are not sure if you can make a session- please don’t sign up and the drop out last minute. THANKS.

More chalk art at the Hut… for some of you who are always outside only!

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9 and 10am, then again at 4pm
(for volume)
Post # of sets at heaviest load

Intended Stimulus
Remember when you did the workout “Jackie” on Friday? Remember those 50 empty barbell thrusters? DId you set the bar down? Well, today we take that thruster and instead of doing many light reps for time, we do much fewer heavy reps for load AND quality. After thoroughly warming up the front squat and the push press, you will build to roughly 80% of your 1RM thruster and hold that load across all 5 working sets. This should be a load that feels heavy on set 1, but there is no thought of missing. Then, on subsequent rounds the last rep or 2 of each set should be very tough!

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