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Wednesday 200909 4 Round Triplet

It is OK if you can’t do double unders or toes to bar. You don’t necessarily need to be able to do them in order to get healthier or more fit. In fact, as a thought experiment, let’s imagine that you will NEVER be able to do either of these movements proficiently.

Working TOWARDS improving your body awareness across a variety of different movements can improve your balance, agility, and coordination. Increasing your ability in these fitness domains can improve the “wiring of your nervous system.” Better timing of how your nervous system fires can recruit more muscle fibers- which, in turn, can add more power to your movement. Also, learning new movements, improving your range of motion, and balance can transfer to developing even better movement: classic success to the successful!

There have been plenty of movers at CrossFit Malibu who have not even come close to mastering the snatch, who will never do a muscle up, or are not confident enough to jump up on a high box. The IMPROVEMENT, in even the smallest amounts, come by way of scaled or modified movements. Altering movements in a workout that stretch your abilities JUST enough so that you have success without too much physical or mental stress still can lead to improvements. Even if the improvements are simply more difficult versions of the previously scaling counterparts.

Now- forget everything I said previously about never being able to do DUs or TTBs… these movements are likely within reach for you. Keep practicing, keep raising the bar… who knows where, exactly, it will lead. But we DO know that the PROCESS will keep it moving in the right direction.

The CFM team improving their CPR and AED game! Keeping skills (and certs) alive and well.

Wednesday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am again at 4pm.
4 rounds for time:
75 Double Unders
25 Alt. DB Snatch (50/35#)
15 Toes to Bar
Record time, load, and any scaling or modifications

Intended Stimulus
Today we have some monostructural jump roping to go along with a beautiful combo of powerful hip opening (DB Snatch) and hip closing (Toes to Bar). The intention is that the jump roping takes between 1:00 and 1:30 each round. Scale the volume first, and then scale to 150 single unders if need be. Both the Alt DB Snatches and the Toes to Bar should go in roughly 1-2 sets each. We will spend some dedicated time today refining our DB cycling skills in order to make those 25 reps as efficient as possible! If 8+7 or even 5+5+5 is not doable on the TTB, consider scaling to Knees to Chest or Elbows, but don’t make this so easy that 15 unbroken happens all 4 rounds!

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