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Friday 200904 Four Sets NFT

Get ready for a HOT weekend by planning it out. Here is a good outline for you:
  • Friday- do some all out cardio sprints at the Hut at 7, 9, 10am or 4pm
  • Saturday- get a really overly sweat and dust filled WOD at 8 or 9am.
  • Sunday- find the quietest beach in Malibu to cool off and avoid the crowds
  • Labor Day Monday– we are OPEN at 7, 9, AND 10am. Another WOD, then more beach. No afternoon classes on Monday.

Sounds like a weekend plan!!

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am, then again at 4pm.
4 sets not for time:
Max rep set of pull-ups
Max cal row/bike/ski in 1 minute
Max duration L-sit hold on rings or between 2 boxes or parallettes
Intended Stimulus
Today, you’ll get 4 chances at a max rep set of pull-ups, max cal row/bike/ski in 1 minute, and a max duration L-Sit hold on the rings or between 2 boxes. You’ll have roughly 25 minutes after the warm-up to move through these things. Do a max rep set of pull-ups, then the 1 min row test, then the L-Sit. That is round 1 out of 3. If you cannot do 10 or more unbroken pull-ups, find a band that allows for that and use that band for all sets. GO ALL OUT ON EACH AND EVERY ROW/BIKE/SKI. (pretty simple there 🙂 And find a scaling that allows you to L-sit (or h-sit) for at least 30 seconds before needing to rest. Rest as needed between everything. Take the time to rest- DON’T rush it!

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