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Tuesday 200901 EMOM 24!

Starting off the month of September- the month formerly known as “Back To School Month” is now known as something like: “We Still Don’t Know What is Going on With School and It Is Almost Labor Day!”

But you’re fine- just come to a class and do the right thing.

Try out today’s 5pm session… and Thursday at 5pm if that fits best for you.

Labor Day Monday- classes at 7, 9 and 10am only!  (Nothing on that afternoon… So then take the rest of the day off and go to the beach.

Then beginning on Sept 14th- 6am classes begin on Mondays and Wednesdays

Winner of bumper plate and outfit color coordination contest: no surprise, it’s Dr Deb!!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
24 minute EMOM:
Min 1: 5 Push press (AHAP)
Min 2: 3 Weighted strict pull-ups (AHAP)
Min 3: Max rep weighted box step-ups (50/35# DB)
Record loads for press and pull, height and load for box step up

Intended Stimulus
Here we have an unconventional ‘heavy day’. On minute 1 we’ll push press 5 reps. This will be something we warm-up beforehand, but are able to tinker with and add as the minutes go by. One minute 2 we’ll do 3 unbroken weighted strict pull-ups (or 5 sec eccentric lowers). Again, we’ll have the ability to tinker with loading as the workout progresses. On minute 3 we will do as many weighted box step-ups as possible using the same load every minute we do this. There are 3 goals: push press 5 reps AHAP, strict pull-up 3 reps AHAP, and max rep box step ups over the course of 8 minutes.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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