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Tuesday 200825 Fsquat and Finisher

Announcement: Maria teaches a Thursday evening YOGA class session on ZOOM at 6pm. This is a joint venture between CrossFit Malibu and Autumo… so join in, the more the merrier. A link will be proivded with Thursday’s blog post.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4pm
Front Squat
Unposted finisher

Intended Stimulus
Here comes the heavy day! The goal here is to build to one final heavy set of 3 reps on the Front Squat. Maybe it is a new PR, maybe it’s just the heaviest you can lift today. Either way, the intent is to build to something heavy. You’ll rest roughly 2 minutes between sets, and roughly 3 minutes between the last few sets. The finisher is short and not the focus of the day, so don’t even worry about it 🙂
General Warm-up
After a short simon shuffle, get into plank position and work through some slow lizard lunges. Then, lay flat for 10 scorpions. Roll over for 10 t-crossovers. Using your squat rack, get 10 assisted squats with a 5-10 second hold at the bottom. Lean side to side and drive the knees forward to stretch the ankles.  Get in 10 fast air squats and a few push-ups for good measure.
Specific Warm-up
Grab a barbell go for one quick round of basic barbell. At the end, leave the bar on the front rack and get in 10 slow elbow punches. Go for 5 pausing front squats. Stay at the bottom for a few seconds and focus on driving the elbows up. Put on some weight and do that again.
Workout Notes
The warm-up and skill work will take about 15 minutes today, leaving you with roughly 20 minutes to continue building in load to your heavy set of 3 (potentially 3RM). Make sure you don’t rush your sets. Two minutes is the MINIMUM rest you should be taking, and that should be 3 or maybe more between the last 2-3 sets! Remember, big breath at the top, hold tension in the belly, and exhale as you stand.
After your last set, you can put your bar on the floor and we’ll finish with a quick finisher!

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