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Friday 200821 E3Mx10

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session at 9am

Dulcie (holding green med ball) heads to college at Colgate today! Congrats and have FUN!
Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
Every 3 minutes for 10 rounds:
3 Hang Squat Cleans (AHAP)
200m Row/Ski Sprint or .3mi Bike Sprint
post # of rounds at heaviest load AND fastest and slowest sprint times
Intended Stimulus
What a beautiful combo we have today! Heavy hang squat cleans (not quite heavy enough to drop) and a short sprint! The goal today is to go as heavy as possible and still get the 3 hang squat cleans unbroken before SPRINTING 200m on a rower/ski erg or .3 miles on the bike. You should have more rest than work today. This is a 30 minute workout so PLEASE BE ON TIME.
General Warm-up
Go for 2 minutes on your erg. Get in 1 min lizard lunge on each side and 1 min pigeon on each side. Hold the bottom of a squat for 30 seconds or so, rocking side to side and pushing forward to stretch the ankles. Hop on your cardio erg and go for a practice sprint.
Specific Warm-up
Go through a coach led basic barbell two times. Then, practice some high hang squat cleans. Add some load and do a few more. Now move on to the hang, and get in a few building sets of 3-5 reps. Remember, in the workout you need to have a load that is both heavy, and that allows you to complete 3 reps without dropping, at least for the first few rounds.
Workout Notes
Choose a weight on the barbell that really challenges you. A load that you want to set down but don’t. Take your time getting into a hang position where tension is maintained through the lats and midline, and then execute a rapid change of direction from UP to full hip extension and back DOWN to the rigid bottom of a squat. Then… SPRINT! That means getting to your erg quickly and getting after it. Good Luck!
There won’t be a ton of time after the workout today. Please get your station cleaned and remember to socialize outside of the hut and to stay socially distanced. If you are in a morning class, remember there are likely a few people coming for individual sessions after your class is over, so be courteous in how you clean your station and by doing so in a timely fashion. Thanks to you all.

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