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Thursday 200813 Five Each For Time

It is helpful for YOU, your coach, and others in your class if you familiarize yourself with the workout of the day just a bit before you arrive for the session. Having a general idea of what the class entails means you will already start to plan out what load you will use for the workout (or at least be aware of what you might want to try), you will know if you need to scale or modify a movement based on an injury or other limitation, and you will know if you should bring your jump rope, lifting shoes or other piece of equipment. Being as we are still in stations with the rules stating that you cannot just roam around and pick out things you need- awareness of what you might want in advance will help you let coaches know your needs so they can help to prepare your station while you row or run for the warm up. Coaches can then move around DBs and KBs, deliver your prized 15kg barbell, or set you up with the right box. Even if it means looking up the WOD right after you park and before walking in- it is helpful! Arriving 5 minutes early will help a lot too… just remember to give way to those finishing up their sessions. Just like an elevator- allow them to exit before you go rushing in to press all the buttons.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session at 9am

Patrick utilizes those parallel bars… and so should you! SLRs, dips, L-sits all need some attention.

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 4pm
5 rounds EACH for time of:
12 DB Deadlifts (50/35#)
12 SA DB Overhead Reverse Step Lunges (50/35#)
12 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20″)
-rest exactly 1 minute-
Record time for each round, note loads, height, scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today we get to work with some heavy-ish DBs. You’ll use 2 DBs for the deadlifts and, much like Monday, we’ll do some unilateral work with the overhead reverse step-lunge. You’ll finish up the round with burpee box jumps. The intention here is for the DBs to feel heavy, specifically on the OH reverse step lunge. Yes, you should likely go unbroken through all the DB work, but you should need to settle yourself after the deadlifts in order to execute the OH reverse step lunges well. Then move through the burpee box jump quickly because EACH round is for time! Rest exactly one minute between rounds, and repeat 5 times. It’s going to be fun!
General Warm-up
Start with 2-3 minutes on a rower/bike/ski erg or go for a run. Once back, do 10 T-crossovers, 10 scorpions, and 1 min lizard lunge on each side. Follow that up with 10 bootstrappers. Who feels Fran?! Get in a set of 10 reverse step lunges and 10 air squats. Find a box for 10 step ups and then 10 jumps.
Specific Warm-up
Grab a single DB and go for 5/5 deadlifts, 5/5 goblet reverse step lunges, 5/5 strict press with a pause overhead, and then do 10 push-ups. Now, press that DB overhead and, with an active shoulder the entire time, get in 10 OH reverse step lunges. Now, get 2 heavy DBs and work your way through an entire round of the workout, not for time.
Workout Notes
The deadlifts should certainly go unbroken on each round, but, as you know, a DB deadlift requires a little bit more range of motion to get to the ground, so make sure you keep a neutral spine on every rep! As mentioned before, the key to a stable single arm OH reverse step lunge is the active shoulder and a tight stomach. Press hard into the DB and squeeze the abs through the entire set of 12. No misses on the burpee box jumps, but do start tall at the top of each rep. You’ll be keeping track of your own round times and 1 minute rests.
We will finish today with some lizard, pigeon, and elevated childs pose..

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