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Friday 200807 Push and Pull AMRAP Series

Welcome to (back) CrossFit Malibu:
Dane has joined us after listening to Jenny’s stories of CrossFit Malibu for the past year or so! And it is great to have Jenny rejoin us as well after doing LOTS of ZOOM sessions from her backyard and living room with her daughter Aria. Kristin Kiefer’s daughter Brita finished Elements and has started group classes this past week. She is the 3rd (I think!) of the 4 Kiefer girls. Joe (pictured below) and his older brother Jake trained with us 3 summers ago as they got back in shape for fall sports at Harvard-Westlake. Joe will play baseball there for his final year and Jake starts his second year at USC. It’s great to have Laura back from Central CA… no longer the central valley but the central coast. She starts back up at virtual Pepperdine next week but is happily doing so from Malibu (very smart!). Welcome back to Thib Sandra and Romane who just returned from France… just as we said Bon Voyage to Eric and Joanna who just set sail for the Pyrenees this week.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session at 9am

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
5 min AMRAP:
12 Push Press (50/35kg)
9 Pull-ups
-rest 2 minutes-
4 min AMRAP:
9 Push Press (60/42.5kg)
9 Pull-ups
-rest 2 minutes-
3 min AMRAP:
6 Push Press (70/50kg)
9 Pull-ups

Record total number of push press and pull ups for EACH of the 3 blocks of AMRAP

Intended Stimulus
Push, pull, push, pull. Today, we have 3 short AMRAPS. In fact, each AMRAP is shorter than the previous one. So, have a plan on how to break up your 9 kipping pull-ups per round and try to go unbroken on the push press. Hit each AMRAP with the goal of getting as many reps as possible in THAT AMRAP. The push press gets heavier each round, but reps decrease and unbroken remains the goal. **these barbells are from the ground, no rack!**
General Warm-up
Start off with an 800m run. When you get back to the hut, pull down the rings in your station and get in 10 ring rows. Lay flat on your back and get in a set of t-crossovers and then a long hold in the bottom of your squat. Walk out into plank and work through 10 push-up down dogs, emphasis on the down dog! Do 10 more ring rows and then find a bar for some scapular pull-ups.
Specific Warm-up
Work through 3 sets of 3-5 tight kip swings and then a pull-up. This can be done with a band if needed. Work on keeping tension throughout the entire “superman” phase. Grab an empty barbell for a set of DL, Hang Cleans, and Then 10 strict presses. Add some load and get in 5 push-presses. Over the next few minutes, build in load and do reps at each of the 3 loads you will use for the workout today.
Workout Notes
Before the workout starts, get your station nice and organized so your weight changes are easy, but also so that the change plates aren’t even close to where you may drop your barbell! Be in control of you bar at all times… and if you have a lot of metal change, 5kg or training plates- please do NOT drop barbells unless it is an emergency. The push presses get heavier each AMRAP, but the number of reps decreases, so shoot for unbroken sets and make sure they don’t turn into push jerks as you fatigue! On the pull-ups, think long term, and break them into sets where all you need is a SHORT rest to be able to get back on the bar and do more.
Finish with child’s pose on a box to stretch lats and some forearm massaging.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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