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Friday 200731 Max Reps 5 Moves

Sunday in the Surf and Sand Outing is this coming Sunday!
time: approximately 7am-1pm
location: Trancas end of Zuma Beach between lifeguard towers 14-16
(Look for Mike’s big grey van in the beach lot… precise location not exactly known as yet)
bring: any and every beach toy and piece of water equipment… boogie, surf, and SUP boards, fins, snorkels & masks, wetsuits, kayaks, skimboards and anything you might want to use/loan out. Food… or walk over to Starbucks or Vintage at some point.
park: on PCH where it is free but seems to be increasingly tough to find after 9am on weekends… or in the pay-parking lot entrance at Busch Drive. Perhaps walk over from the Vintage Market lot- anything you need to buy for the ocean can be found at Drill which opens at 10am.
to do: Hang out and do beach stuff- surf, swim, skim, paddle…and at some point in the morning we will venture off west past Victoria Point towards Sea Level for some basic paddling instruction and fun. There are not any scheduled events. It starts when YOU get there, and ends when YOU leave.
***our previously scheduled Westbound Downwinder Flotilla will happen later in the summer/ early fall***

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session at 9am

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and again at 4pm
3 Rounds For Max Reps, 1 minute at each movement:
Goblet Reverse Step Lunges (32/24kg)
Russian KB Swings (32/24kg)
Supine Ring Rows
Goblet Squats (32/24kg)
-2 min rest-
Record total number of reps for each movement

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a Fight Gone Bad style workout using alternating between a weightlifting movement (all loaded with the same KB) and a bodyweight movement. For one minute at each minute you’ll Goblet Reverse Step Lunge, Push-up, Russian KB Swing, Supine Ring Row, and Goblet Squat. After that 5 minute set of work you will rest for 2 minutes instead of the normal 1 minute rest on FGB. The goal here is simple… max reps!

General Warm-up
Start with a class crossfit warmup. 3 rounds of 10 air squats, 10 ring rows, 10 lizard lunges, 10 pvc good mornings. Then move through some spinal twists and some push-up down-dogs.

Specific Warm-up
Grab a KB and do some DL, Russian Swings, Goblet , Squats and Lunges. Get a heavier one and do the same. Do a set of 5-7 supine ring rows (Rx is the table top style), and 5-7 perfect push-ups. We are ready to go!

Workout Notes
You need to use the same KB for all 3 loaded movements today, so make sure you pick one that allows you to move through large sets, but if you’re going the entire minute without setting it down it is too light. Keep yourself from getting sloppy on the push-ups and ring rows.. tension in the midline is key!

Go for a long pigeon pose and then some foam rolling of the glutes. Lastly, do 10 scorpions and we’ll see you on Saturday for the beach day!

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