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Tuesday 200728 Thrusters + Chipper

Some of you have noticed that we are not posting all athletes’ scores to our chalkboards regularly and leaving them up for a week… like we have done for the past 10.5 years. We decided on this to discourage everyone from strolling around the Hut. Trying to do what we can to keep people within their given station- writing scores up in the front room would make those scores available to only 2 people per class… so it was decided to stop the scoreboard for now.

NOW… that doesn’t in any way mean that we have changed our opinion on the importance of tracking workouts. In fact, just yesterday- Dr Jo and Dr Deb both had “compare to” scores from over 3 years ago and both of them set PRs… congrats… they have shown that they still are improving their fitness over their decade-long CrossFit journeys! This is the type of tangible evidence that is so great to have to prove that our training is STILL making us better.

So- keep bringing your journals to every class session. Write down all details of a given workout. IT is possible that you will repeat it again it in the future. I also believe that the mere action of recording something on paper- like the habit of journaling- is an act of reflection that  serves a greater purpose (that is a longer blogpost for another day!)

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Maria diligently records all data from a recent workout so she can track progress over time. 

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4pm
Thruster (Build to a moderately heavy set of 7)
For Time Complete:
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14#)
150 Double Unders
50 Wall Ball Shots
Record thruster load, WOD time and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today the goal is to build to a moderately heavy thruster to ‘pre-load’ for our 100 wallball shots. The loading of the barbell should feel heavy, but there should be no chance of you missing, even the 6th or 7th rep! You’ll build up with a few warm-up sets and then get in 4 more building sets of 7 reps. If the weight feels heavy after 2 sets, then do the last 2 at the same load. The metcon is intended to go quickly. Think sets of 10 or so on the WBs with very short rests.

General Warm-up
After a minute of simon shuffle, drop into 10 slow air squats. Then let’s move through our standard hip mobility circuit… lizard lunge, pigeon, hamstring stretch, before getting in a set of 10 push-up down-dogs. On to the jump rope for a set of 50 singles and then a set of double unders. Grab a WB for a set of DL, then DL + shrug, then 10 shrug + pull unders, then 10 MB Cleans.

Specific Warm-up
Move over to the barbell for a 8 rep version of basic barbell. On your second time through basic barbell, combine the front squats and presses into 8 thrusters. Go for 2 warm-up sets of 5 before starting your sets of 7.

Workout Notes
The thrusters are a chance to work through some technique practice under moderate loading, so listen to cues and become more proficient at both squatting and pressing! On the WB-DU-WB, challenge yourself with some larger sets than usual and keep the rest bouts SHORT! Modify volume of double unders to something that you can do in under 3 minutes, or go for 450 (3x) singles.

Finish up with some calf massaging/stretching as well as a nice long pigeon or supine figure four on each side.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
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