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Monday 200727 Push Press and Row

CrossFit Malibu Down-winder Event- this coming Sunday Morning
We will do our first-ever flotilla paddle on Sunday August 2nd from roughly 7-11am. We will start out in West Malibu, and paddle eastbound along the shoreline, but outside the break- until we reach our destination. You probably can see that more clear details are to come. You will need a kayak, SUP, or something else to paddle. If you have a boat or board to loan then let us know and we will find a paddler for your craft. This will be for fun and not necessarily “for time” but you should know that we could be on the water for up to 3 hours. Logistics regarding rides to the “put-in” and stationing cars at the finish location need to be arranged. So let us know if you are interested. There also COULD be a mini-version with a group starting at Latigo Cove, for example, and just paddling the final 2.5 miles.

Afterwards, we lead you to lunch at Howdy’s Sonrisa Cafe… perhaps you’ve heard of it.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session at 9am

Monday’s WOD at 7, 9, and 10am, and again at 4pm
Compare to 170519 and 141222
For time:
Push press, 21 reps (65/50kg)
500m row
Push press, 15 reps
750m row
Push press, 9 reps
1000m row
Post load and time to chalkboard/journal

Intended Stimulus
Push the pace today on the row… don’t treat the rowing like a warm up to some relatively heavy presses. And yes, these presses are heavy enough to need 2-3 sets per round. Once that barbell hits the ground after 21, 15, 9… get right into the seat, strap in and GO. Not as if you’re going to set a 500m PR… but as if every stroke counts. This couplet intentionally ends on a row. You KNOW you’re done and the idea is to really get after the pace on that final 1k!

General Warm Up
Easy row for a few minutes. Focus on bringing yourself to a pace that you envision will be your 1k row pace in the final set. You are getting warmed up BUT also finding the groove and programming the mind-set so that you will be ready for the final stretch today. Move through some PVC “loaded” strict presses and then push presses… we will work today for a few minutes on nailing the basics.

Specific Warm Up
Same routine- but with empty barbell. Then we will do three rounds of: six reps push press and 6 reps barbell sumo deadlift with that empty barbell… working the timing and mechanics of the leg drive THEN the arm pull. Spend a few minutes loading up the bar and getting in a few reps at a time. Working up to your workout load.

Workout Notes
At your workout load, you should NOT be able to get more than 10-12 reps in a given set… while you are fresh! So you get the idea that the presses will be done in about 3 sets (most likely). Take the first few stokes on the row as you gain your composure and understand, truly, that you WILL die someday… but it won’t be as a result of pushing hard on today’s workout! Be brave. When you have about 100m remaining of the first 2 row sets- start to back off and get ready for the barbell work. On your final set of row- finish strong. Substitute the rows with 400, 600, 1000m run or .7, 1.0, 1.7 mile bike. Ski substitutions are the same as the row.

Walk out to the fence and back RIGHT when you finish. Then hang from your pull up bar for 1 minute. Pick up that PVC pipe and do some pass throughs.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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