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Wednesday 200722 Front Squat Volume +

Should we change our name from “The Hut” to the “Do It Center”?!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session

Wednesday’s classes at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm. ZOOM at 9am.
Front Squat
5-5-5-5-5 (for volume)
5 min AMRAP:
10 Burpees
15 Air Squats
50 Plank Shoulder Taps

Intended Stimulus
Today we go for a volume set of Front Squats followed by a ultra fast 5 minute AMRAP finisher. The intent is to get to about 80% of 1RM on the Front Squat and hold it for all 5 sets of 5 reps. Keep in mind that if you have not been lifting heavy recently, it may not be the best idea to shoot for 80%. Be smart and listen to your coaches on this one. The finisher is an all out sprint for 5 minutes. Start fast and see what happens!

General Warm-up
Get in a nice long cardio warm-up. We’re talking 4-5 minutes on a rower or bike. Then move into 10 lizard lunges, 10 pigeon steps, and a nice long bottom of squat hold. Walk out into plank and hold for a minute. Feel the body find the perfect position, not saggy, not piked. Go for 10 pushups. On number 10 pop right up into 5 burpees. Lastly, get a full round of the AMRAP finisher.

Specific Warmup
Here we focus on the heavy squatting. Take your bar off the rack and get in 10 elbow punches. Now do 10 pausing empty barbell front squats. Drive the elbows up throughout the entire squat. That will help keep the torso upright. Put some weight on and do a set of 5. Get in 10 more lizard lunges before taking 2 or so more sets to get around 80% 1RM. Get in 5 sets of 5 at this load.

Workout Notes
Tinkering with the load is fine, but you should not be making large jumps in these 5 sets. Rest 3 full minutes between these working sets. The last few reps of the last few sets should be tough. Think, knees out, elbows up! The finisher is simple. Burpee fast, squat to depth and stand all the way up, and don’t rock side to side on those shoulder taps. Start fast, end fast.

2 min couch stretch on each side. 2 minutes of pancake.

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