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Saturday Sessions

Have a great weekend everyone!

Congrats to Patrick on 2 full years of CrossFit Malibu- his big commitment has yielded  big results. Here’s to the next 5 years! #outdoorwodsarebest

Saturday’s WOD at 8 and 9am
25 rounds for time of:
3 toes to bar
2 deadlifts (80/55kg- same load as 200707)
1 box jump (30/24″)
Post time, load, and scaling

Intended Stimulus
This WOD is all about multitasking… it has SO SO many transitions that the focus today is moving quickly from one task to another. It matters A LOT how you set up your station- so do a good job of keeping things close by and transitioning fast. ONLY 3 toes to bar should go unbroken for a long long time, then a light deadlift using the same workout load as July 7th. The box jump should be high enough to demand attention- but no hesitation at all. Big jump and then back on the pull up bar. Come up with a method of keeping track of rounds… that will be the second most difficult task today.

General Warm Up
Simon shuffle for 1 minute, then 3 rounds x (5 reps each of air squat, 5 step lunges, burpees) followed by a full minute of pull up bar hanging. After that do 5 rounds x (1 standing broad jump, 2 KB deadlifts and 3 sit ups).

Specific Warm Up
Empty barbell deadlifts followed by 3 load increases while you deadlift a handful of reps or so. This lift is going to go so fast BUT you will have 50 total reps- so you need to use something that is light… no more than 50% of 1RM deadlift. Do a few TTB and decide on your scaling… these should be a breeeze as there are 75 of them today! Then go get a box… the height should be easy to decide on.

Workout Notes
25 rounds… you’ll really need to come up with a round-keeping process. GO out of the gate fast and try to keep the pedal to the metal all morning. As stated above- set up your station in a way to keep the transition time down to zero. In terms of mechanics- don’t be lazy in your deadlift set up just to go fast.

Take a little jog and shake it off… your nerves are doing to be bit frazzled. Then get on a foam roller to do some low back decompression.

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