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Friday 200718 Strict Nicole

Today’s WOD is a CrossFit Benchmark workout… though it has been altered in a significant way, in that the pull ups are meant to be done strict. That means scaling and modifications are all still perfectly fine; you can use a band, do ring rows, or otherwise alter the movement based on injury or inability to do strict pull ups. However, if you want to do this one “Rx”- it needs to be done with strict, rather than kipping pull ups.

Another interesting aspect about this WOD is that it is one of the “GIRL WODs” that is actually named after a female employee of CrossFit Headquarters, Nicole Carroll. Simply put- she is a bada$$ in many ways. In my opinion, one of her personal attributes that make her such an amazing person is that she is the co-director of CrossFit Training, the wing of CFHq that runs the Level 1 and 2 seminars as well as the Level 3 and 4 certifications. She is an incredible leader of our staff on the seminar training crew. Here is an excerpt of one of her introduction speeches for the Trainer Summit a few years ago. (Rated R for language- not work/family safe)

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session 9am

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm
Strict Nicole
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
400m run
Max repetition strict pull ups
Post number of complete rounds AND total number of pull ups completed

Intended Stimulus
Run fast and do lots of pull ups. Keep MOST of your 400m run fast- specifically the straight-away along Cross Creek Road. In and out of the Yard please make sure you play it safe and watch for traffic; then once you KNOW that you have some free and clear space- run fast. The pull ups should be max rep… until you cannot do any more on EACH set. Try to max it out. IF you get rounds of 10-10-10-10 for example… that is evident you are planning your sets. Grit it out for one or 2 more each set!

General Warm Up
Run the course- get an idea where you will turn around based on where your pull up station is and then do some hanging from your bar. On your return run, get in some shuffle, carioca and skipping style runs. Do some shoulder warm up with PVC pass throughs and push ups.

Specific Warm Up
After getting in enough pull ups to determine any pull up scaling… you are ready for the workout. You don’t need to use up any more pull ups than necessary… you’ll need them later 🙂 Save some time for the cool down.

Workout Notes
Those of you outside- run all the way to the opposite curb as usual. Those of you in the front room, turn around at the gutter BEFORE the curb, those of you in the big room, turn around at the Anawalt Lumber sign after you pass their driveway. Once again- BE AWARE, WATCH FOR CARS! Pull up difficulty level should be “set” so that you can do at least 8-10 repetitions in the first rounds. If not, use a band. The rule is- if you drop from the bar, you go for another run. After any break (touching the ground) you run a 400m lap. Those doing this WOD at home might substitute push ups or bent over rows if you don’t have a pull up bar.

Take some time to roll out the shoulder blades and the quads. You can also get some quad stretch and calf stretches- it’ll feel good after the running.

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