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Thursday 200716 Static Holds

Today’s “movement” is focused on not moving. WHAT? Today we will hold static, or non-moving, positions. In physiology these are referred to as isometric contractions- where involved muscles are creating tension but at a fixed position. This means that the muscle contraction does not produce any joint movement- so you will be staying in place. These types of contractions only work well when applied with actual movement (concentric/eccentric contractions). Today we will be holding in strong positions- either the top or bottom of the range of motion. Other types of static holds that are great to experiment with are those that stop in positions that are tough to hold- where bones are not stacked- but joint capsules are in “mid-range” positions- like holding a handstand with bent elbows instead of locked out!

One aspect of today’s workout that should be inextricably related… is that of breathing. One minute will eventually become tough. Keep your focus on a controlled inhale through the nose and a slow exhale through the nose. When things get really tough- the exhale is ok through the mouth- but keep it controlled. Feel your heart beat then entire time. Stay relaxed- particularly in body parts that are not directly related to the movement (hint: relax that jaw… stop clenching your teeth!).

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Dane smiling thru his 500m row on the baseline test…. outdoors. He is in his first Elements series

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am and again at 4pm
As unbroken* as possible for 4 rounds, 1 minute each of:
push up plank hold
bottom of squat hold
ring support hold
bottom of squat hold (again)
handstand hold
rest exactly 1 minute
*rest exactly 15 seconds for any break taken before restarting the hold
Post total number of breaks taken

Intended Stimulus
Holding static positions for one minute each with minimal break during transitions. If you “break”… do so for 15 seconds and then join back in right away. Keep track of total breaks for the entire 24 minute workout. Find versions/scalings of movements IFF you know you will eventually break positions each minute. Best to never break at all holding the version that makes you feel like you might just need to break!

General Warm Up
Simply practice the movements listed- INCLUDING moving versions of the movements. For example, do some squats, push ups and ring, bar, box of parallette dips. Do some wall walks and spend a bit of time doing kick up to handstands OR barbell assisted handstands.

Specific Warm Up
so a cycle of the workout with 15 seconds per movement. Ensure you know each version of each movement you will do.

Workout Notes
Maintain your position AND focus on relaxing the body and breathing.

Some simon shuffle, arm swings, PVC pass thoughs- this easy movement is intended to just get your circulation going after holding the static positions.

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