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Friday 200710 DU and Snatch

Hello from France via Spain. Thib and Sandra lead family and friends workouts while on vacation in España each summer following the workouts posted on this blog… and they outfit them in CrossFit Malibu uniforms as well. (someone get that pink lady a shirt!) This shot is yesterday’s post-workout gathering. Way to go Thib and Sandra!

Friday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am again at 4pm
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 double unders (60 single unders)
15 power snatch (35/25kg)
Record number of rounds and remaining reps

Compare to Open WODs 11.1 and 14.1

Intended Stimulus
Fast sets of DUs (or single unders) and light power snatches…. this should result in more than a handful of rounds.
Don’t make the mistake of going Rx “just because it is light”- instead choose a weight that a round of 10-12 reps can go unbroken with no dropping. You need to be in control over your jumprope AND you barbell OR you are going to complex and too heavy.

General Warm Up
Some simon shuffle will turn into some easy super bouncy single unders- then a bit of calf stretch (via squat rack stretch or pedaling out some downward dogs. Take a break from the jumping to get some basic barbell work with snatch grip. Don’t use a 15kg bar if you are only using 20kg in the workout- warm up with something light.

Specific Warm Up
Practice some very light sets of touch and go snatches. Get some tech work with the rhythm of getting the bar pulled into the hip crease and THEN jumping it overhead. Practice keeping the jumps bouncy. Do enough to feel warm but not worked over.

Workout Notes
Test out some reps to determine what your ideal number of touch and go reps will be without redlining. Test out a 30 second rep trial for jump rope. A good double underer will get 30 in 20-25 seconds. IF you only get 10-12 reps in 30 seconds with a few misses, then go for that number for the WOD. If you start to string together big sets- then increase the reps as you go. This is a training day not really a testing day.
This is the first WOD with a jump rope in our COVID situation. Take the “right sized rope” on the first try. Better yet- bring your own. Please let the coach facilitate the hand out process for these- don’t invade others’ training spaces.

Go for a short jog or row… come back in and do some self-massage on the calves. Hang from the pull up bar to open up the shoulders

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