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Thursday 200709 Presses and an AMRAP

What are some of your places to do workouts? We have often met at the Trancas end of Zuma for beach workouts without equipment. I also like trail runs and/or trail rucks wearing a backpack or weight vest. Sometimes in the backyard in full sun… but these days that feels to much like during lockdown! I keep a barbell and a set of bumper plates in the car in case I want to do a random workout at a park or the beach. Where around Malibu have you done an impromptu workout?

Wendy found the hidden Point Dume State Beach workout area under Hq! The best pull up bar on the beach.

Thursday’s WOD at 7, 9am again at 4pm
Push press
Record number of sets at heaviest load
As many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of
7 push ups
14 butterfly abmat sit ups
21 KB swings (ussr 24/18kg)
Record number of reps

Intended Stimulus
The push presses today should be focused on getting the last 3-4 sets at a 90-95% of 1RM load. That means after you get in 2-3 warm up sets, you’ll begin with a pretty heavy first set- then increase as needed. Again- this is a TRUE heavy set. Once you find something that is a real struggle- stick with that for the remaining sets. The finisher is just that- a finisher. Not the focus of the day- just intended to get the heart rate way up for a few minutes. Go out HOT and do what you can to maintain that pace.

General Warm Up
Use the “finisher” movements to get yourself a bit warm- some push ups, sit ups and then KB deadlifts for 3 rounds. No need to even concern yourself with the number of reps- just play it by ear, reminding yourself that this is just the warm up. Once warm- get in a series of shoulder stretches with your trusty PVC pipe. And finally go through some strict press and push press range of motion.

Specific Warm Up
Do about 4 sets- moving through a circuit of light barbell strict, then push presses, KB swings and finally hanging from the pull up bar. Add some load each set- increase the KB load each set… the finisher is Russian and on the moderate load side. ONE set is all you’ll need for the AMRAP

Workout Notes
Put all your focus on the push press. Starting with the height of the rack- and making sure that your area around the rack is cleared of all extraneous bumper plates or other equipment. Take enough rest between sets that you are ready to go.

More hanging and then some pull up band shoulder stretches. Work with single arm triceps, holding for a full minute on each side. THe both hands in the band for a standing child’s pose.

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