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Wednesday 200708 Three Round Triplet

One of the “COVID-silverlinings” is all the time spent outside in the backyard garden. Oh, I didn’t mean to make it sound like I have a green thumb and have been doing this forever. The garden started in mid-April and we are already making dinner out of some of the fruits of our labor. We have been planting flowers- some from seeds and others from sprouts, we’ve transplanted succulents from our burned out lot to where we now live, and have been trying to rid the dirt of a pesky gopher (no success yet- but he hasn’t found the lettuce so we are still ok with him for now). Yesterday I broke down a medium sized aloe plant to put it in a bigger pot and DISCOVERED about 15 more plants that had been crowding it out. I bought it in a 10″ pot 2 years ago and it has proliferated. You can help take it to the next level! Please take one from the Hut today and plant it at your house. I set my google appointment calendar for this day next year to ask you all how it is growing. Let’s see how much we can grow in the next 365 days!

Take home and dig a small hole or put some soil in a pot. Stick the aloe plant in, water a few days per week, watch it grow.

Wednesday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am again at 4pm
Three rounds for time of:
12 hang squat cleans (50/35kg)
15 pullups
330m run
Record time, load and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Relatively moderate load and not too many reps- combined with runs on the short side all point to a pretty fast 3 rounder. Choose a load on the squat cleans that you can move through with at least 6 at a time before a short break. Pull ups should also go in 2 sets… and those who Rx this one will likely get them all in one set- at least on round 1. The short run is meant to be PUSHED- and it represents only a short fraction of total WOD time. Under 12 minutes is possible- and under 14 minutes is a must!

General Warm Up
Easy run of the course to get the lay of the land. Go through some medicine ball clean work- revisit this from Monday’s group class- get some of that wall ball shot soreness worked through- then hang from pull up bars and get 10 scapular pull ups. Today you CAN use assistance bands- so start with an initial set of pull ups. THen do a round or 2 of basic barbell warm up- especially some front squats and hang power, then squat cleans.

Specific Warm Up
Do some loading of the bar- and get in at least 5-6 reps on each increase in load. Be FAST under the bar- and practice that speed. This light load need not be dropped between reps- keep moving. Work on getting the elbows through quickly and keep them UP in the squat.

Workout Notes
You’ll notice a rather light load for the cleans- meaning our strongest and most powerful will “only” be doing 50kg… which is about 50% of 1RM. Choose something that a few reps leave you unphased- then try and go as unbroken as possible. The run course was one that we used on a recent Saturday WOD. IT is a loop that is ALMOST entirely within the Yard. From the Hut- exit out the main gate a go RIGHT, make your first RIGHT returning into the Yard, make a right through the containers- then go around the Hut and make a RIGHT at the port-o-potty… you are HOME. The loop guarantees that everyone runs the same distance. BE CAREFUL of cars, trucks, forklifts, etc.

Do one more relaxed run loop… take some of it walking for a cool down. When you return to the Hut- roll out the quads and hip flexors.

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