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Monday 200706 3 Round Triplet

This is our fourth week since opening back up for group classes at the Hut. With the recent surge of virus cases and Wednesday’s new mandate from the LA Co Dept of Public Health… we tried a couple days with masks and gloves. Today we open back up with our own NEW protocol for ensuring both a relative high level of safety from the virus AND an environment that makes sense for our type of training in the way we have set up our system. With only 7-9 training spaces (depending on the equipment needed) our indoor spaces have more than 225 square feet of personal spacing and our outdoor stations provide even more space AND fresh air. Coaches wear masks in all group sessions and athletes wear them on their way in and out of the Hut. Here is what is new for MONDAY:

Please arrive a few minutes early to each class and after washing your hands, “report” to the sliding door. There is a table set up with a form to fill out that is an addendum to our regular CFM Waiver/Release of Liability. Sign, print name, and date this- you will only have to do this ONCE. There is a DAILY questionnaire that each group class participant needs to fill out prior to taking the class- as long as you can answer NO to each of the 5 questions, you can play. Then the coach, via touchless thermometer, will ensure that you have a temperature less than 100.3 degrees. If you pass- you are in the club. As we have been doing for many weeks- please stay within your stations and adhere to the cleaning process. Wash your hands before you leave- with the sanitizer in your bucket or with soap and water at the sink outside.

Yes, CrossFit Malibu coaches do CrossFit too. X-)

Monday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am again at 4pm
For time, complete:
1000m row
50 wall ball shots
100 plate jumps
750m row
35 wall ball shots
75 plate jumps
500m row
20 wall ball shots
50 plate jumps
Record time and scaling

Intended Stimulus
This one is a moderately paced freight train… a steady stream of movement with an occasional stop here and there to get it together. In all, much more work than rest- but constantly struggling to keep it moving forward. Then the plate jumps should give it some speed. Keep the row at a steady state pace that is at about your 2k row PR… feel some push but not a sprint. The wall ball shots won’t feel wonderful even if you go slow on the row, so you might as well push it a bit.

General Warm Up
Go for a few minutes on the rower and at some point- do 20-30 seconds in “workout mode” where you are controlling your pace as if you were actually in the workout… remember that number and set an intention to hold that pace for each set today. Leg swings, air squats, Simon Shuffle, and a few more mobility items will suffice.

Specific Warm Up
We will go through a few medicine ball clean drills and then practice some wall ball shots. Notice that if you are at an outdoor station, you are encouraged to go heavier than usual, as your target today will be lower. The plate jumps should be done to 20.15kg plates- both feet touch plate simultaneously, then rebound off ground back to the plate.

Workout Notes
We talked about row pace already… distances for ski are the same as the row. If you row or ski at 2:30 pace or slower at these distances, then decrease your sets by 200, 150 and 100m respectively. Let’s shoot for big sets on the wall ball shots (depth!!)

Go for a short walk, then some quad stretches.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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