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Friday 200703 Sumo/Army

There were new requirements made yesterday by the LA Co Dept of Public Health via the office of Gov Gavin Newsom. You likely heard that all bars and indoor dining in restaurants is now prohibited. We are FORTUNATE that this prohibition does NOT include fitness facilities but there was a new mandate put in place. We now require that face coverings and gloves are to be worn during all group class sessions. That means both coaches and participants not only will arrive and depart wearing masks- but also through the duration of the session- these must be worn. Please comply with what the coaches are asking you to do in classes- as we are simply going by the orders of the current state mandate- which has been adopted by both the County of LA and the City of Malibu. Let’s take it day by day… and hope this changes soon.

There will be gloves set up on boxes in the dirt section next to the palm tree outside. The size mediums are black and the larges are bright blue. Please put gloves on when you arrive and then the coach will let you know which station to take for the workout. Reminder- do not walk into the gym when a class is already going on. THANKS.

July 4th Saturday session is open for booking! The gym opens at 6:30am for any warm up you would like to do prior to the 7am start to our 5km run. Athletes will be allowed to use the indoor gym for warmup activities ONLY UNTIL 7:00am At that point- we will close the doors so that we can make our way to the 5km start line about 1/2 mile walk from the Hut. Those wishing to do a 5k row, bike or ski will stay at the Hut to do their work. Sign up! The group is an unlimited number- so face coverings needed for this workout as it is not a gym session.

Julian is back with us… wonder if he remembers this WOD from quarantine.

Friday’s WOD at 7am, 9am and again at 4pm
For time, complete:
50 sumo deadlift high pulls 20/16kg KB
30 Army combat fitness test push ups
25 sumo deadlift high pulls
30 Army combat fitness test push ups
25 sumo deadlift high pulls
30 Army combat fitness test push ups
50 sumo deadlift high pulls
Record time (load) and any scaling or modifications
Compare to April 14 2020… mid-quarantine!

Intended Stimulus
A constant, concerted effort to push through the row or SDLHP as evenly paced out (and relatively fast) as possible and taking the push ups as fast as possible and trying to avoid large rest breaks. Know thyself- and anticipate how many are possible in a row, while keeping a consistent flow of work/rest. Clearly, the ultimate goal is 30 unbroken- but for most/many, this is unrealistic. Goal finish times on the fast end are sub 12 minute. On the realistic side are 15-16 minutes.

General Warm Up
Let’s prep for being in plank AND lots of hinging at the hip for today’s couplet. We will hold plank for a bit and then work with some mountain climbers, break dancing moves, and get the wrists warmed up- as well as going over the Army combat fitness test push up (see link above for the movement pattern).

Specific Warm Up
Move through sumo deadlift high pull mechanics with PVC pipe for technique work and range of motion warm up. Then gradually warm up the movement with a KB or empty barbell- even those who will row for this wod will do the SDLHP warm up. We will work on Core-to-Extremity (watch this video!). Loading for the workout today will be 20/16kg- a loading that 15-20 repetitions will be very automatic. Going Rx+ for those only having a 24kg KB is fine- no decrease in reps is necessary.

Workout Notes
The intention today is for as many individuals to use SDLHP in the workout even if they have a c2 rower. We are using 1 repetition on the SDLHP to count for 50 reps. You will likely see that 50 unbroken reps has the stimulus a bit different result on the body (getting a bit more winded than a paced out row of 500m)- even though the mechanics of the movement are very similar- this is because there is no rest segment in the weightlifting movement that naturally exists in rowing on the C2.

We will work on some back extensions (supermans) and some spinal twists (scorpions and iron crosses) to even out all of the hip flexion that goes on in today’s workout.

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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