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Tuesday 200630 Two Parts

The cleaning process is going great… it seems. Some additional suggestions and reminders so that it continues to go well. We need to continue to be thorough- it is why the classes are a few minutes shorter these days.

  • Spray equipment and let it sit WET for about a minute. This duration allows time for bacteria and virus destruction to take place.
  • Spray the towel directly with disinfectant so that it is damp- then wipe equipment.
  • Don’t spray disinfectant on anything without a “background”- like rings, bars, handles. Put a towel behind that spray across the item and “catch” residual spray on your towel.
  • Look around your station before you leave. If you see a handprint on the ground- spray and wipe! IF there are droplets of any kind- then wipe up with a towel or a quick mop. It ALL looks like sweat- so treat it like sweat.
  • Wait until your “station-neighbors” are DONE with their workout before you start cleaning… they’d prefer not to inhale the  fumes/smell of the spray.

Please continue to stay in your stations, ask your coach for help accessing equipment in other areas, and respect the space of others while arriving and leaving- particularly when there are others cleaning their equipment.

Dusty and Ceclity getting some pre-squat lizard lunge. PS: family members are OK being this close together while at the Hut… they are actually in their own outdoor stations! 

Tuesday’s WOD at 7am, 9am and again at 4pm
Two Parts
Front squat- 10 minutes to a heavy 3 rep set
Record heaviest 3 rep set
For max reps, 2 minutes per movement of:
Shoulder press (1/2 load from front squats 3 rep)
pull ups
front squats (1/2 load from front squat 3 rep)
push ups
Record total reps across the 8 minutes

Intended stimulus
Part 1- Get to something truly heavy. Only time for about 5-6 sets and not much time for rest. That’s the way it goes today. Take modest jumps in load- especially if you haven’t lifted heavy yet. If you have- then increase your intensity a bit. If you HAVE been lifting heavy then go a little heavier. Not sure anyone is ready for a new 3 rep max.
Part 2- The reason for such few reps of squats in the heavy section- is partially because there are MORE light reps down here in part 2. 2 minutes is a long time to go unbroken…and because the objective is max reps- then do just that. Planning a quick break here or there as needed. Keep in mind that all reps count alike (hint hint).

General Warm Up
Get in some cardio for heart rate increase- any of run/ski/row/bike. Then some Sampson Stretch lunges followed by
some work of each movement in the WOD: squat, push up, pull up or ring row, barbell press. Spend a few minutes with wrist warm up- some individual wrist circles, interlaced finger wrist circles, plank position with internal and external wrist “walking”.

Specific Warm Up
With a barbell in the rack, do 4 front squats and two press. Add a bit of weight and repeat. Then add a bit of weight and repeat. Get in some push ups and pull ups- figure out scaling that enables you to get 6-8 each unbroken. IF the pull ups are easy- consider chest to bar. Then get in another relatively heavy set of 3 rep front squats. You are ready to go.

Workout Notes
By the way, don’t go lighter in the heavy squats just to make the second part lighter- as you’ll just end up doing more reps. Keep a running total of reps so that you have one number to record. If you want to record all 4 numbers in your journal… that’ll be even better.

Take a 200m walk after you finish as you allow your heart rate to lower. While outside, get in some standing quad stretches (as you stay distanced).

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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