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Thursday 200625 For Quality

“For time” workouts enable you to work at a high power output. They demand that you push the pace in order to accomplish as much work as possible in a given amount of time OR that you complete a set amount of work as fast as you can. Either way- these formats allow us to test your work capacity. We can then compare it against the same set of work that you did in the past (revealing fitness gains) or measure it against the amount someone else has done (to get a “winner”). Personally- the fitness improvements are the most relevant to most of us at the Hut. However, the subtle competition aspect typically will push us to accomplish more… that is the benefit of the group. TODAY, however, we are going to prioritize quality movement. The intensity takes a back seat to addressing solid mechanics and movement patterns. Test to see if your strict toes to bar have improved or “come back” after the quarantine. Let’s slow down the box jumps and see if you can get HIGH every jump with less risk of falling. And finally, we can move some barbells looking to improve technique.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session

Thursday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and again at 4pm (*zoom session at 9am)
Six rounds NOT for time of:
8 strict toes to bar
6 box jumps (36/30″!)
4 power snatch at 60% of 1RM

Intended Stimulus
Today, we go for some NOT for time work. This means that the focus is on perfecting movement, moving with intentionality, and attempting to perfect form, even under fatigue. The toes to bar will be strict. The box jumps will be tall, and the power snatch will be at a load where you can make specific technical adjustments.

General Warm-up
Start with 2 minutes of cardio and then get right into some leg swings and sweeps followed by 10 inch worms and some strict sit-ups. Move over to your pull-up bar and get in 30 seconds of active hanging. Drop down for a nice long lizard lunge on each side. Do 10 step lunges and 10 air squats before getting in another hang from the bar.
Specific Warm-up
Grab your barbell and your box. Step on that box 10 times and then get a few jumps. Move over to the barbell for a snatch grip basic barbell (DL, Muscle Snatch, Back Squat, behind the neck push press). Get in a few strict toes to bar or knee raises. Make your box taller and get a few jumps. Now, we’ll work through some snatch specific warm-up, finding both the load we want to use (about 60% 1RM) and the box height we want to jump.
Workout Notes
Move with purpose. Listen to the cues given to you on the power snatches. Remember, core to extremity! The box jumps should be tall, but NO MISSES! There is no rush today. It is all about quality.
Finish with 1 minute of cobra and some spinal twists.

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