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Wednesday 200624 Two Parts

Howdy’s back=Howdy is back training with us at the Hut. Howdy’s is back=Howdy’s is open for business everyday from 9am to 4pm. Here is his instagram site

We have a new class session on the schedule. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am we have a class started up this week… sign up and do it!

Saturdays we are currently running both an 8am and a 9am class session. This should fulfill our Saturday morning demand… and while we are not yet able to run the BIG WOD style that Saturday typically has- we can still work with 14 of you in the morning!

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CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Wednesday’s WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4pm (*zoom at 9am)
Strict Press
10 mins to build to a heavy 5 rep
then –
5 Rounds for Time of:
10 dips
15 DB Push Press (50/35#)
Post heaviest 5 rep load & time, loading and scaling for 5 rounder

Intended stimulus
And we are back for a two part workout today – first half of the class we will spend building to a heavy set of 5 strict presses off of the rack. Second half we have a five rounder that will require you to go heavy enough on the push press that you will have to break up 15 reps into 2 sets or maybe 3 sets towards the final rounds and choose a dip scaling that requires you to break the 10 reps into maybe 2 sets, as well. So… chose a scaling that will challenge you and stick to it. Remember, find rest, before rest finds you!

General Warm Up
Starting with 2 minutes of cardio: run, row, jump, etc. Let’s start warming up the shoulders and core by moving through two rounds of 7 downward dog push-ups, 7 scorpions and 7 ring rows (if you don’t have rings – hang for a bit or hold child’s pose).

Specific Warm up
Move to your parallettes and go for 3 push-ups, then hold an h-sit for a couple of seconds and then, get 3 dips. Now move through all of that move smoothly: push-ups, tuck your knees to your chest and shoot all the way through (bringing the hips up high) and then dip. Repeat that five more times. Come back to your rings for the ring dip progression: Stand in-between the rings for assisted ring dips, keeping your toes on the ground, move slowly through 10 reps // Now hold at the top of the press, trying to lift your feet off of the ground, shoulders away from ears // Lastly, hold for a couple seconds at the bottom of your dip. Extra credit: hold an H-sit or L-sit for a couple of seconds, afterwards.

Workout Notes
Part 1: Strict Press
Step into the rack, take a deep breathe, brace your core and move your head out of the way…. 10 strict press with the empty barbell. Add a bit more weight and go for 8 reps. Remember not to bend your knees, squeeze you quads and glutes. Some of you may not need to add that much more weight, if you need to stay at that weight for the 10 minutes you can. OR when the clock starts, you can continue to increase load each set of 5 reps for the next 10 minutes.

Part 2: 5 Rounders
Choose the dip scaling that will require you to break each set up into 2 sets. Rings, parallettes or boxes. Make sure that your shoulders comes down below your elbows. Before we start the clock for this part, move through 8 push presses with a lighter dumbbell and then go for 8 more with your load of choice for the workout. The strict presses will have fatigued you a bit, but more importantly, warmed up your shoulders. Dip, drive and keep that rib cage down as you press up!

Hang from your pull-up bar and swing your legs around a bit more some low back decompression, and then clean everything up, including the pull-up bar your just touched! 🙂

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