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Tuesday 200623 Reverse, Interval Helen

Interval work like we do today can be “fun” to complete because it breaks down a standard benchmark workout- today is “Helen” and provides us with a theoretical fastest time ever- that we might complete the workout when we do it under “Three rounds for time”: conditions. Imagine getting so fit that you could complete today’s WOD without slowing down! So today- the goal will be to redline each round. Add up the amount of time it takes to do each round… and you have your “virtual Helen” time. But of course you realize that today’s version is backwards? That is for 2 reasons: 1- because finishing with the run allows you to leave it all out there… it is tougher to sprint to the finish on the pull up bar. 2- is more of a practical reason: so that we arent starting all together in a cluster of 7 people. It is so that there is a better chance to distance physically! Your coach will help you capture your clock finish time each round… it is your job to calculate the actual finish time of each set AND to track your exact 3 minute rest time.

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, and again at 4pm
Three rounds each for time of:
12 pull ups
21 kettlebell swings (24/18kg USA)
400m run
Rest exactly 3 minutes
Record time of EACH round (the dud above is going to have insanely fast interval times!

Compare to- May 15 was the last time we completed a regular “Helen”- which was during the quarantine so perhaps it is best to look at July 25 2019, as this was “Helen” under “regular” circumstances. Then use today’s score to come up with a “Virtual Helen” by adding up all 3 intervals to get the theoretical fastest Helen time possible!

Intended Stimulus
Today we get in some intense interval work. Each round of 12 pull-ups, 21 KB Swings, and 400m run will be followed by a long 3 minute rest. This will allow you to push each and every round hard! Notice also that the run comes at the end of each round, so run hard!

General Warm-up
Go out on a 400m run. During this run do some skipping, high knees, side shuffles, etc. Go for 15 air squats, 15 sit-ups, and some hanging from the bar. Do some hanging knee raises and then some spinal twists. Get in another 15 squats and some more hanging. Finally, get in 10-15 tight kip swings.

Specific Warm-up
Grab your KB and go through a few rounds of 10 deadlifts, 5 squats and 10 russian swings. Grab a heavier KB and do another round followed by a set of USA swings. Back to the pull-up bar for another set of kip swings and then some kipping pull-ups.

Workout Notes
Be smart with how you break up the pull-ups. Know that the grip is going to be taxed, but unlike normal Helen, today you get rest between rounds so that should allow you to go unbroken on the swings. And…, like I said before, run hard!

Finish with some low back decompression stretches and a fantastic round of cleaning your station.

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