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Saturday 200620 E4Mx6

“Everything in its right place”… BTW the song is really worth listening to

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Saturday’s WOD at 8am and again at 9am LIVE at CFM… *9am on ZOOM
For 6 rounds, every 4 minutes to complete:
250m row sprint/225m ski/0.3 mile bike
12 deadlifts (80/55kg… approx 80% of Wednesday’s WOD)
Then work until the 4 mark to complete:
max rep hand release push ups (rounds 1,3, and 5)
max rep pull ups (rounds 2, 4, and 6)

Intended Stimulus
The idea today is to go hard on a cardio sprint for under and minute, then to get some moderately heavy deadlifts in a single, touch and go set (for the first couple rounds- but by the 3rd round you will likely break it up a bit), then get in a set of maximal effort pushups (3 sets) OR pull ups (3 sets).

General Warm Up
3 easy rounds through 150m row, 5 burpees and 10 ring rows- which is easy pull/push/pull. Then some PVC good mornings to open up the hamstrings followed by a set of glute bridges. This prepares the posterior chain for today’s deadlifts.

Specific Warm Up
Take 3 sets to work up to today’s barbell deadlift load. An example RX warm up for the “B” load of 55kg would be this: 10 reps of slow and controlled deads at 15kg, then 7 reps at 35kg, then 5 reps at 55kg. Between each of these sets to 3 handrelease push ups and 3 pull ups. Find your scaling/level of difficulty for the pull ups and push ups for today. Across the 3 sets you are shooting for 50-70 each of push ups and pull ups… but max reps means perhaps MORE!

Workout Notes
Don’t sandbag the cardio sprint… the idea is to get on the barbell breathing heavy and having to “deal with the problem” of high heart rate when you have to set a strong midline. THis is a VERY realistic application of fitness… go TOO HARD and then get your $hit together and get more work done. Then you have a mental task of completing more more more push/pull than you likely would want to. ***If you have not done many deadlifts over the past 3 months, then this number of reps will be too many. If you scale the reps back to 8 per round then take a 30 second break- finish at the 3:30 mark each round. That will save you and you’re welcome in advance.

Go for a 400m jog/walk RIGHT AFTER the 24 minutes is up. Then get in some downdog hamstring stretches as well as some reclining ankle-to-knee to stretch the glutes.

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