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Friday 200619 Chief-Like

As summer starts, businesses gradually begin to open, and we get our feet back underneath us, it is comforting to get back into some familiar routines. One of those, of course, is being able to train live and in-person at the Hut. For those of you who have been in already, hopefully these first few days of workouts have provided an ample amount of cleanliness and distancing to allow you to feel good about being back in. IF you have not come in for a workout- for whatever reason- we encourage you to drop by during or between class sessions to check it out. To get an idea of the stations the we have created (and also to return any and all equipment that you have checked out, No hurry if you are not feeling comfortable. What might make you comfortable is…

Howdy’s is OPEN!
Congrats Linda, Howdy and the entire team over there! The atmosphere is amazing, the food is expectedly awesome and the people are the best. Check out your coaching crew after we enjoyed some steak burritos, a CrossFit breakfast bowl and a sushi burrito! Howdy is back on the map and we are SO happy about it. Perfectly timed with the Hut opening! Welcome back Howdy!

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Friday’s WOD LIVE at the Hut at 7am, 9am, 4pm (*and 9am on ZOOM)
The Chief Style:
5 3-minute AMRAPs
5 hang squat cleans (50/35kg)
5 box jumps (30/24”)
5 toes to bar
Rest 1 minute between each AMRAP
Post rounds + reps, load, box height, and scaling

Intended stimulus
Five quick sprints! The rest is short and the work is fast-paced with very little rest during each AMRAP. With that being said, there is no need to abandon form, especially on those hang squat cleans. Keep movements crisp and work with precision for three minutes at a time.

General Warm Up
After two minutes on the bike, ski erg, rower, or run, hang from the bar for a minute before spending two minutes in dynamic lizard lunge. Pull out a PVC for pass-throughs, rotations, around the worlds, good mornings, and some hang squat clean prep.

Specific Warm up
With the PVC, we will cover the hang squat clean. Pull out a box for some step ups and a few quick and springy jumps. Hang once more and start combining your kip swing with a leg raise. In between your three sets of weight-increase for the hang squat clean, get in TTB practice.

Workout Notes
Notice the mandatory rest. This means you should really PUSH each three minute AMRAP. After each three minutes, note where you left off, because that is where you will pick back up at in exactly 60 seconds. Find a weight, height, and scaling that ensures a non-stop three minutes of work.

Lay on the ground for supine figure 4 and then a minute or so of dynamic spinal twists. Grab a roller and hit the quads, glutes, and lats.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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