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Thursday Chipper 200618

Only Anna could make THIS type of clean look good… but hopefully you can do your best to disinfect your station the way that Anna does 🙂 It might not get you a PR but doing a good job wiping down all surfaces that you have touched during your group workout is THE WAY to ensure that others benefit from a sanitized training space.

Any of you get a glimpse of the dude in Redondo Beach who built individual shower stalls in the middle of his training space- complete with 270 degree-through shower curtains?! While in some situations that might set the mood… I am not entirely sure that would get me ready to throw down with a barbell and some KBs… especially on carpeted floors!

Thanks to everyone for using the last 10 minutes of your class session to get things in shape for the next group. Once you go through the process a handful of times- you will become an expert. Perhaps you will even rival our coaches at keeping this place ship shape… but that is fine, as we take more pride in our coaching than we do in our cleaning. Though our power cleans are pretty solid too.
CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Welcome back Anna… someone has been working on “cleans” at home during covid!

***Notice that we have added an 8am Saturday morning session for the time being!***

Thursday’s WOD at 7am and 9am (also via ZOOM at 9am) and again at 4pm.
For Time Complete:
800m Run
60 Weighted Box Step-ups (50/35# to 20″ box)
40 Supermans
20 Hang Power Cleans (60/45kg)
800m Run

Intended Stimulus
Today we go for a long chipper. A welcome change of pace to the 2 part strength-then-a-met-con style workouts we had to start the week. Nothing here should be overwhelmingly difficult. It is the volume of everything that makes it tough!
General Warm-up
Run a practice 800. Then get right down into plank for 20 shoulder taps and then a nice long down dog. Do a few sets each of air squats, sit-ups, and good mornings. Grab your box and step up 10 times each leg.
Specific Warm-up
Using that same box, get a DB and do 10 more step-ups holding the DB however you want (just not resting on your leg). Move to your barbell for a round of basic barbell warm-up. Spend a few minutes working up in load on the hang clean, finding a load where 5-7 in a row is doable. Finish with a heart rate spike of a few reps of each movement.
Workout Notes
The main focus today is on the barbell hang cleans, so choose a challenging load that requires you to break the 20 reps into a few sets. Just keep moving on everything else and run that final 800m hard!
Finish with some focused and well needed cleaning 🙂

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