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Wednesday 200617 Deadlifts and Tabata

Train Different. So, we are coming off of 90 days of doing things a little bit differently than we have been accustomed. After most of us became relatively “used to” getting in our workouts over ZOOM… boom, we are now back together LIVE and in person… once again doing it yet another different way.

Booking classes in advance, limiting group numbers to 7 people, washing hands and wearing masks on the way into the Hut, staying within our stations for the session, finishing early to have enough time to clean and sanitize our equipment, not being able to have complete interaction with everyone in the class, not writing our scores up on the board.

But let me tell you – that the vast majority of CrossFit Malibuites (85% of those who responded to our email survey) reported training at least as much during the 90 day gym closure as you had been training prior to the shut down. Some of you even feel like you became fitter during that time. This means most of you were able to transition from a vibrant and results-positive training community to virtual home confinement and still you were able to THRIVE! You took home a few pieces of equipment, innovated some other gear, and then, via computer screen, participated in CrossFit sessions in your living room, home office, garage, patio, etc. AND YOU F>@$ING pulled it off! How is that even possible?

And now here we are back at the Hut. Which by all accounts is SO AMAZING… but it still feels a little strange. Hang in there. We are literally only 2 days into this thing. Take a breath, figure out your Mindbody account, make time to get into the routine, read this blog and internalize the workouts before you come in (even if it is just for a few minutes in the car before you walk in), and then come in and get the workout done. You will get back on track and, once again, you will THRIVE.

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

By the way… the shirts have 6 more hidden elements to them… see if you can figure them all out.

Our special edition 90 Day Quarantine shirts are for sale at the Hut. We sold out of XS and S and M on the first day, but you can still get L and XL now. The smaller sizes and some kids versions have been ordered and are on their way soon.

Wednesday’s WOD at 7am, 9am (and 9am Via ZOOM!), and again at 4pm
12 minute limit to build to a heavy 8 rep
Record each 8 rep load
Tabata Alternating DB Snatch (50/35#)
Tabata Strict Sit-ups
Tabata Air Squats
Record TOTAL number of reps & scaling

Intended Stimulus
Starting to find a pattern in this week’s programming? Well, your keen observation and maybe soreness have proven you correct! We are lifting AGAIN. We are re-acclimatizing ourselves to picking heavy objects off of the ground. So today we will have 12 minutes to find a heavy deadlift for 8 reps. 3, 2, 1, GO.. increase the weight on the first two sets and then stick up with that weight for the remainder of the 12 minutes. Then take lots of deep breathes, pick up your dumbbell and snatch for 20 seconds, rest for 10….so on and so forth! Notice that today there is no break between Tabata movements, that will keep you on your toes!

General Warm Up
Let’s start with 2 minutes of cardio. Then 10 inchworms with a push up, peddle out feet in down dog. Widen your stance for 5 windmills, followed by 10 good mornings and 10 air squats. Now go ahead and lay down for 10 supine twist and 10 glute bridges.

Specific Warm Up
PART 1 – Deadlifts
Pick up your empty barbell and go for 5 RDL and 10 deadlifts. Formulate a plan – what weight are you aiming for after 2 bumps in load? Then, the clock will strike 1 and you will have 12 minutes to deadlift. Two bumps in weight and then stick with that same weight for the remaining time. Rest for at least a 1-1:30 between sets.

Shimmy your abmat underneath you for 5 straight legged sit-ups and 5 strict sit-ups. Windshield wiper your legs and stand for 10 more air squats. Then pick up a lighter DB and get in 5 DL, 5 DL + shrugs and then straight into 5 DB snatches. Increase in load.

Workout Notes
Many of us have not deadlifted very heavy in a while, so start of slow and maybe a little lighter than usual… this is our first week back and 8 reps in no joke. Get your stance, grip and position on that barbell, brace the core and lift! Oh, yes and don’t forget to take that big breath!
For the Tabata, you will not be taking your usual 1 minute of rest between movements so be prepared for quick transitions. On the Alternating DB snatch, keep that dumbbell moving close to your torso and extend the elbow before hinging the hips on the way down. Full depth of the squats and no kipping with the elbows on the sit-ups! You got this!

Use your ab-mat to move into couch stretch for 2 minutes and then go for a 400 m walk.

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