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Saturday 200613 Chipper Time

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Class Session

Complete for time:
35 toes to bar
25 deadlifts (50/35kg)
15 push jerks (50/35kg)
1 mile run
15 push jerks
25 deadlifts
35 burpees
Post time, load, and scaling/modifications

Intended stimulus
Happy Saturday— we have a long chipper for you! It’s almost like we’re back to normal at The Hut (hint, hint: check your email this weekend). Kicking things off with 35 toes to bar and then descending in volume … well, only descending for a little before mirroring everything and capping off a sweaty morning with 35 burpees. Shoot for no breaks on the deadlifts and then 2-3 quick sets for the push jerks. Of course, push the pace on the run, knowing full well that you’re approaching the halfway mark :-).

General Warm Up
Simon shuffle, leg swings and swipes to start off the day. Go for some walking knee hugs, high knees, butt-kickers, gate open and closes. Find something that you can hang from and get in 10 scap pulls. Then go for 10 burpees — you can either step or jump. Lay on the ground for a minute of spinal twists and 10 long legged sit-ups.

Specific Warm up
Grab your barbell for 10 very slow deadlifts. Clean it up to the front rack, take a big breathe, pull your elbows high and go for 2 strict presses, 3 push presses, 4 push jerks. Safely bring the bar back to the ground and add some weight. As you add weight, get in a few toes to bar — focus on establishing a rhythm that enables you to get 5 at a time.

Workout Notes
Hopefully you have a means of doing toes to bar today… however, if you don’t, you’ll be doing dragon-flag or butterfly sit ups in today’s workout. For those that will be doing TTB find a scaling where 35 reps takes you no longer than 5 minutes. If you pace your deadlifts correctly you should be able to complete 25 reps “unbroken.” As for the push jerks, you will probably break up the first 15 into 2 sets and the second 15 into 3 sets. SHORT BREAKS HERE! Make sure you don’t treat the run as a rest. Keep your legs moving…it’s all downhill from here. And guess what? You’ll finish off with burpees instead of TTB. How cool is that!?

Find something soft to place underneath your knee because we will hang out in couch stretch for quite some time. Additionally, lay down on your belly for a minute of scorpions. Finally, spend some time massaging your calves and Achilles.

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