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Tuesday 200609 Four Rounder

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

4 Rounds for Time of:
400m Run
15 Pull-ups
30 Slam Balls (30/20#)
4x25ft Bear Crawl

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a task priority workout that will be on the longer side of the time domain spectrum. The idea here is to push each and every run and then break up the pull-ups and slam balls into sets that are quickly finished and followed by SHORT bouts of rest before getting right back to it. Think 5-5-5 or 9-6 for pull-ups and 15-15 or 10-10-10 for the slam balls. Then, move through 4 controlled 25ft lengths of bear crawl. Remember, rushing the bear crawl won’t transfer to better handstanding or handstand walking!

General Warm-up
Start off today with a 400m run. Then move through 10 alt lizard lunges, 10 good mornings, 10 squats, and 10 scorpions. Flip over for 10 t-crossover spinal twists. Hold plank for a minute and then hang for 30-45 seconds before getting in a 25ft bear crawl.

Specific Warm-up
Grab your slamball for 10 deadlifts, 10 presses, and 10 front squats. Move back to your pull-up bar for some kip swings and then a few kipping pull-ups. Get in 10 slamballs. Hinge at the hips and keep a neutral spine on each and every rep of slamball today! Get in one more 25ft bear crawl before going on a hard 200m run.

Workout Notes
Let’s go over some scaling options. Consider doing 8 strict pull-ups if you don’t have a stable enough bar or enough room to kip. If no bar at all you can do 15 ring rows or 15 DB bent over rows on each arm. BUT before you abandon the idea of pull ups- find a park that has a bar you can use!  If you do not have a slamball, you can do ground to overhead with your wallball.

Finish with 1 min couch stretch each side, some foam rolling of the lats, and consider doing some handstand holds as some homework later in the day!

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