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Monday 200608 Sit Up and Lunge

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

As many round as possible in 12 minutes of:
20 Long legged abmat sit ups
10 left arm overhead walking lunges (50/35#DB)
10 right arm overhead walking lunges
Post number of rounds and remaining reps

Intended Stimulus
Mainly to keep it moving at all times. The goal is to get more than 4 rounds… giving you a minimum of 80 WEIGHTED walking lunges, yes! The overacheivers will get into the 6th round or more- but make sure that the load eventually does become a factor- because otherwise you will over do the number of lunges AND sit ups. Any load you choose you should be able to get 2 rounds unbroken. If by round 3 you have to break the lunges and can’t go from left directly into right, then you have loaded it up correctly. If after round 4 or 5 it is tough to get any 10 reps unbroken- then thanks for using something heavy! As you look to scale or modify, keep in mind the anti-rotational stimulus here- that using the weight overhead and on only one side- you are creating a difficult load to balance. Most of the stress will be on the midline… and that is what we want. That is by design.

General Warm Up
Two rounds of: 1 minute of jumping jacks, 30 seconds of PVC pass throughs, 15s PVC windmills right side, 15s left side, 45s lizard lunge on each leg, 30 seconds air squat-second round PVC waiter’s overhead squat.

Specific Warm Up
Single arm DB push press for 10 reps on left- then walk with DB over head for 50 feet, Repeat on the right side.
Repeat the sequence with 10- strict press and walk- both sides. Then do unloaded walking lunges for 10 steps. Load up in goblet position for 10 more steps. Now go for a few reps of single arm loaded for a few steps each. And then finally bump up the load and bit, and then a bit more. At your workout load- get in 5 steps on each arm.

Workout Notes
Clearly you can lighten the load if you can’t get through some of the walking lunge sets unbroken. The last possible thing to substitute is the overhead component of this workout. We really WANT the difficulty to be in keeping that load overhead and centered. The balance and stability are being taxed and therefore tested.For those of you who have a problem with lunges- consider a single arm overhead squat with the same rep scheme.

Finish with some updog and supermans (after all the hip flexing, let’s to some extension work) as well as couch stretch and glute stretches (recline ankle to knee)

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