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Weekend Sessions

SATURDAY: CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- Recorded Class Session

SUNDAY: Yoga with Maria- SESSION XI- Recorded Class

8- 2 minute rounds of:
250 m row sprint
Max reps – Even/Odd
Rest exactly 2 minutes
*on even rounds, max rep strict press (40/25# DBs)
*on odd rounds, max rep box jump (24/20”)
Post reps and load of strict press; post reps and height of box jumps
Intended stimulus
We have a work-rest-ratio of 1:1 today… two minutes of hard work, followed by two minutes of rest. In total the WOD will last 32 minutes, but you’ll only work for 16 of those. The idea is that you’ll have roughly a minute to work on your max rep— either strict press on the even rounds, or box jump on the odd rounds. This row distance should be pushed. It should take you under a minute and require plenty of effort. Try not to rest too much during the work portion. Save your breaks for the built in rest!
General Warm Up
Start by wishing Matthew happy birthday and then get in some Simon shuffle and some leg swings. Grab a PVC for some quick work with pass throughs, rotations, and around the worlds. We’ll warm up with 4 rounds of 3 pull ups, 6 push ups, and 9 squats. Modify as you need, the idea is simply to move consistently for a few minutes.
Specific Warm up
Hop on the rower for 10 hard pulls. Count out-loud and then see how far you’ve traveled. Finish off a full 250 m. If you have no rower, go on a 250 m run. This is about 30 seconds out and 30 seconds back at a quick pace. Come back and warm up for sumo deadlift high pulls (Rx = 24/18kg KB). With a wide stance and rigid neutral spine, go for 5 DL, 5 DL + shrugs, and 5 DL + shrug + scarecrow. Put it all together for 5 SDLHP. Notice that the decent is arms and then legs. Segment it and maintain that RNS. Pull out a box and get in 10 jumps. Stand up all the way before stepping down. How many do you think you can get in a minute? Set a goal! Grab 2 DBs, clean them to the front rack, and get 10 strict press. Let’s close out the specific warm up with 80 m row (or 8 SDLHP), 8 box jump, 8 strict press.
Workout Notes
If you have a rower, your first two minutes will be rowing and box jumps, followed by two minutes of rest. Your next two minute block will be rowing and strict press. If you don’t have a rower, your first two minutes will be SDLHP and box jumps, followed by two minutes of rest. Your next two minute block will be 250 m running and strict press. Remember the two minutes of rest! In other words, push hard during the two minutes of work! Your box height should allow you to continue jumping for about a minute straight. Your DBs should be a weight that allows you to press for about 30 seconds non-stop. And your KB for the SDLHP is prescribed at 24/18kg.
Lay on the ground for supine figure 4 and then a minute or so of dynamic spinal twists. Grab a roller and hit the quads, glutes, and lats.

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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