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Friday 200605 EMOM and “Grace”

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

Every minute on the minute for 10 sets
power clean and jerk
post number of reps at heaviest load
Power clean and jerk, 30 reps for time
Compare to Jan 17 2020, June 21 2018, Nov 6 2017

Intended Stimulus
Today has 2 separate stimuli with one movement- the clean and jerk (ok, so two movements!). THe first is to work up to a single, heavy rep. And then if possible, continue to get a couple of reps at that load. If you have a lot of equipment- you can slowly warm up and then continue to add small increments- a bit each minute. For those who have only a limited amount- get warmed up and see how many single reps you can do at the heaviest load. Post how many reps you have lifted at that heaviest load- for some of you- look to hit a 1RM! Th4e second part of the workout- you will find a submaximal load and see how fast you can lift it for 30 reps. The goal is to do it between 3 and 4 minutes- going as heavy as possible. If you finish faster than that- you likely could/should have gone heavier (unless you used 60kg!)

General Warm Up
We will waste no time… and start right away with basic barbell warm up. For those of you who need it- do some run/row as well as leg swings and scorpions prior to picking up the barbell.

Specific Warm Up
This is really about load increases- but we will also spend time working on some mechanics of the power clean: the first pull and keeping the bar close to the shins, the second pull and keeping the bar close to the hips, keeping the elbows straight until complete hip extension. Then with the shoulder to overhead: bracing the mid-section in preparation for the dip, keeping the torso upright in the dip, driving with full hip extension before the press, fast lock-out with the elbows. Lots to do 🙂

Workout Notes
Bump up the weight as soon as you “get” the mechanics of the movement. Don’t go UP if you need to work on some technique points. That is tough to do (perhaps impossible) if the load is too heavy. Much of the warm up should be done with moderate loading with the emphasis on fast, precise movement… THEN add weight.

Post Grace- you will likely be on the floor. SO stand up and and get your breath back again and we will first do some PVC pass throughs and other full-body stretches to loosen up (scorpions, around the worlds). Some hanging as well.

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