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Thursday 200604 Three Parts

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

Each Part for Time:
1. 800 m run
2. 6 rounds of:
8 renegade rows (50/35# DBs)
10 mountain climbers
12 up-downs
3. 800 m run
*** = 4 minutes of rest
Post time for each segment, load and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Today we are sandwiching 6 rounds of renegade rows, mountain climbers and up-downs between two fast runs or any mono-structural movement available to you. You will put in 3-4 minutes of work in exchange for 4 minutes of rest after your run. Intentionally prepping you for part 2, where you will work on stabilizing your midline for all 3 movements. During those 6 rounds, you will spend a lot of time in plank (while you push-up, as you switch from right to left foot in the mountain climbers and as you jump back in the up-downs). Therefore, press into the floor and fight to keep the hips from sinking towards the ground. 6 rounds – check the time, write down…4 minutes of rest…then run/row/bike/ski even FASTER. Up for the challenge?

General Warm Up
Let’s start with an easy 800 m run (or your equivalent for today), if you didn’t have a course this is the perfect time to turn on your running app and map it or run for 2 minutes and turn around. Move through some butt-kickers, high knees and Frankenstein walks to prep for the run. Once we are all back together, we will reach up towards the ceiling and down to our toes for 15-20 reps – warming up our hamstrings and low back. Then step back into a plank and work through 5 inchworms, adding an extra push ups every time. Hold downward dog for 1 minute – peddle out the feet or sway your hips from side to side. Come back to plank for 10 shoulder taps and 10 scorpions – warming up the shoulders and chest. Sit back on your heels and move into child’s pose, moving your hands to the right and left sides.

Specific Warm Up
Grab your weight for 10 bent over rows – bringing the weight to your ribcage, like you will do for the renegade rows. Then some arm hugs, before coming back into plank and getting 10 up-downs (simply a burpee with no push-up). Then, with your hands on the dumbbell or the ground move through 10 mountain climbers slowly, taking time to draw your hips towards the ground and pausing for 1-3 second in plank as you alternate legs. Lastly, set your dumbbells on floor with enough space to allow your chest to touch the ground and get in 5 renegade rows – push-ups, right arms brings weight to rib cage and then left arms follows, repeat. Lastly, bump up that weight.

Workout Notes
If you need to do training push-ups or knee push-ups for the renegade rows you can, just remember to come back to plank before pulling that weight towards your chest. You could substitute dumbbells for kettlebells if that’s all you have, they should be on the heavier side. After rounds 2-3, you might have to break up the rows – that’s a-okay! Remember to fight for a strong plank position, as I mentioned before, avoid snaking and loosing that active shoulder position. For the mountain climbers, move one leg at a time and swing that foot all the way up to where your hands/dumbbells are.

Let’s spent some time in couch stretch – 2 minutes on each side. Then, take some time massage those calves. Lastly, finish off in a happy baby, alternating straightening one leg and then the other.

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