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Monday 200601 Chipper For Time

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- Recorded Class Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

For time, complete:
25 bar dips
25 strict pull ups
50 push ups
75 goblet squats- 24/18kg
100 American KB swings- 24/18kg
200 double unders

Intended Stimulus
USUALLY when you see the pull up, push up, squat, and swings in a chipper of this rep scheme- we are trying to go unbroken. Remember the “Unbroken” WOD? Well, this is similar- with the addition of some dips and double unders to cap the workout. In the past we have done this in a couple different ways: in 4 minute blocks as unbroken as possible, and in 7 minute blocks- with the EVENTUAL goal of being able to complete EACH BLOCK unbroken, strict, and without any alteration in pace. Essentially, taking CONTROL over each movement. However, we are going at it TODAY as a chipper, for time. Still, in the same vein as “Unbroken”… keep your movement in check!. IN the near future, we will see this one back on the docket- again, as an unbroken goal.

General Warm Up
200m run, 100 single unders and then 10 reps each of: sit ups, burpees, and air squats. Then a PVC focus for some windmills, around the worlds, and some overhead squats.

Specific Warm Up
We will spend about a minute or so on each movement- going over range of motion, scaling, and substitutions. We will do a few reps, then break down the ROM with a few slo-mo reps. Sample scaling options
bar dips- parallettes or boxes/chairs
strict pull ups- ring rows, bent over rows. Like last Saturday… double DB single are bent over rows.
push ups- training push ups or inclined on a box or bench
goblet squats- lighter load
American KB swings- Russian swings or simple deadlifts
double unders- double penguin taps or single unders- or plate jumps

Workout Notes
Treat this as a training workout rather than a test workout. The idea is to keep a good pace but be even MORE focused on good, strict mechanics than usual. Be in control of your body. Still go for some big sets like in the unbroken version- just not completely unbroken- as that will slow down your time a bit.

Walk 200m, run 200m (use your 400m course)- then go listen to this LIVE concert:

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