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Saturday 200530 3rNft

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session

3 rounds, not for time
400 m farmer carry AHAP
Max unbroken squat jumps
400 m farmer carry
Max unbroken strict pull ups
*each farmer carry is worth 40 points if completed without dropping weight; subtract 10 points every time you drop weight during the farmer carry
Post total reps, load, and scaling
Intended stimulus
Today is not for time, however that does not mean anything will be easy. We have three rounds to tackle today, with some rest dispersed as you desire. Notice the 400 m farmer carry… that is quite a bit longer than we generally use for farmer carries. Still, choose a heavy weight. Don’t let the distance keep you from picking up a heavy KB or DB. On that note, fight to keep that weight from hitting the floor. Every time you set your weight down, you lose 10 of the 40 points available each farmer carry. As for the unbroken squat jumps, as soon as you reach the bottom of your squat, you must come up. No pausing at the bottom, no pausing standing, just constant movement. Let’s not forget about the pull ups. Find a scaling that allows you to do 8-10 fresh… and if you need to progressively scale throughout the three rounds, that’s A-Okay for today.
General Warm Up
Go for a 400 m jog and when you come back, hop on a bar and let your body hang for a minute. Walk out into down dog, go for a push up, walk your hands back, and then roll up to standing for some arm swings. Repeat this 10 times. Drop to the bottom of a squat, place your hands on the ground in front of you, and shift your weight side-to-side and forward and back to open up your hips. Now, stand up for 10 air squats. Back to the pull up bar for 10 scapular pull ups.
Specific Warm up
Grab a pair of DBs or KBs and take them out for a quick 100 m farmer carry. Upon returning, go for a few jump squats. Maintain tension at the bottom as your drive up forcefully. Practice landing with your feet in squat stance (gracefully of course). Can you drop straight into the squat? Practice the timing of this until you feel comfortable going from the “float” (feet off the ground) into the “descent” (dropping to the bottom of your squat). Head back to you bar and grab a band if you need one. Get in 6 pull ups. Try to find a scaling that allows you to get 8-10 reps in the first round. If you have nothing to hang from, you’ll be doing DB bent-over-rows. Hold both DBs with your chest as parallel to the ground as possible with a rigid neutral spine. Keeping one arm long, row the other arm into your ribcage. One row on both arms is equal to one pull up.
Workout Notes
This is NOT for time. You can rest between the farmer carries and the squat jumps / pull ups. With that being said, each movement should be a push. Try to go the full 400 m without setting your DBs down! Each time you do, you lose 10 points. Similarly, push it on the squat jumps. These are tougher than air squats and certainly require a bit more concentration. Have a goal in mind and push to hit that goal… and maybe go beyond! Again, the farmer carry is as heavy as possible; the jump squats are max unbroken; the pull ups are also max unbroken. It will all be challenging. And very fun.
Go on a 400 m walk before coming back and hanging out in Childs pose for 2 minutes.

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