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Thursday 200528 Five Rounder

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Class Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

Five Rounds for Time of:
10 goblet walking lunge (24/18kg)
12 KB swing burpees (24/18kg)
15 strict sit-ups
Post time, load and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Key word: stabilize your midline – swings, weighted lunges, strict-sit ups all require bracing of the core. Complete control throughout each movement, from the moment you pick up/set down that kettlebell to keeping your hips on the ground for the sit-ups. You are going to be blurring the line between intensity and perfect mechanics – aiming from speed while still moving with great and safe form…for five rounds so here we go!!!

General Warm Up
Let’s start with 2 minutes of cardio – row, bike, run, jump around, hula hoop, etc. Once, you are back drop down into a downward dog and peddle out of your feet, enjoying this stretch for about a minute. Shift from down dog to plank about 10 times, opening up the shoulders up as you press back into downward dog. Stand back up and Samson lunge around your house for another minute (alternate bringing your arms overhead and interlacing your hands behind your back). Lastly, we will get in 10 squats, pausing at the bottom for 3 seconds – really 3 long seconds.

Specific Warm Up
Pick up your PVC pipe, place it on the back rack and move through some good mornings and step lunges. Lay on your back and get in 10 straight legged sit-ups, 5 strict straight legged sit-ups…take a break and get in 10 supine twists…and finish with 5 strict-sit ups, now you are ready for those! Stand on up, grab a light weight and get in 15 deadlifts, 10 KB Russians swings and 10 American swings. Now, burpee + swing, pike that KB swing overhead and set it down for a burpee, so on an so forth for 5 reps. Now let’s increase the weight – 5 lunges, 6 KB swing burpees and 8 strict sit-ups.

Workout Notes
If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can do the burpees with two dumbbells – we have done that before for ground to overheads (power clean and press or some variation of that) and same goes for the lunges – just use one heavy dumbbell and drive through that front leg as your stand. Remember to tap that back knee and stand all the way up between lunges! Finally, those strict sit-ups AGAIN, yes. Keep those elbows locked in, no subtle kips. If these slow you down a bit, it’s okay, keep that integrity!

Once you’ve written down your time, let’s slow down our breathing with a low lunge (back knee on the ground), sink your hips down towards the ground. You can make this a more dynamic stretch by moving your hips or shift on to the outside of your front foot…hold for 90 seconds! Now shift your hips back as you straighten that front knee as much as you can – feeling that hamstring lengthen! Try to lengthen your spine and reach your chest towards your front knee…hold for 90 seconds. And repeat! Lap back down for 10 more supine twists for some lumbar decompression.

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